Friday, November 6, 2009

Thursday in Review!

Hi All!

Yesterday was a real treat! I feel so much more relaxed!

I know this will be a big shock to everyone but . . . I didn't get everything I had planned completed! I spent most of the day working on Hubby's Ohio State sigh - it is looking good! I only have some detail work left to do and it will be finished!

A nap was part of the plan and it was so nice - Skor curled up with me - the windows were open. Heaven!

My book was also finished - it was good but I will save the summary until I do another book review post.

There was no grocery shopping done but I did manage to make a decent meal. Sometimes I forget how much I enjoy cooking!

Let's see - what else did I do yesterday? I played with Callie - my neighbor's cat who I am watching for the week. She is always so much fun to play with that it mystifies me as to why my neighbor says that Callie is always mean to her! Maybe Callie just senses that if she tried to bite ME - I would have a reaction that she wouldn't enjoy!

My flowerbed got watered but didn't get cleaned up - I have to do that before my mom comes for Thanksgiving!

Anyway - it was a restful day! Today should be another good day. I am heading to Wal Mart to get some thread so I can shorten some shirts I got when in Ohio AGES ago. I Will also pick up some stuff to "spruce up" my neighbor's porch decoration! Then it is home to wait on the heating and air conditioning guy to come and do a check-up on our heating system. Doesn't that sound like fun?

No DAC today because of the Heating guy. I will have to head down there next week!

I wish I had something more profound to say but . . . hey - it was a nice day!


Voice Update: The rest seems to have done some good for my voice - it is working rather well at the moment!

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