Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Eyes Have It!

Hi All!

This is going to be a short post because . . . the eyes have it! That is right! My eyes are taking a beating from allergies this week. Itching. Watering. Burning. Causing headaches. Producing all kinds of "smutz" during the night. The whole ball of wax!

Luckily, all I have to do to temporarily quiet these less-than-desirable symptoms is to flush my eyes with a saline solution. Several times a day.

This process always makes me look like I have been crying. The solution dribbles down my cheeks (and sometimes - annoyingly - into my ears!). My eyes get all watery (of course). And the redness from the allergy reaction. Yep - looks like I have been crying.

That made for some interesting times at work yesterday. I had told my bosses about the situation so they were okay with it but some of the clients . . . I got some very strange looks and some well-meant questions.

Just for the record, I am going to state again that I never suffered from any allergies of any sort while I lived in Ohio for 28 years. I move to Texas and . . . wham! I have allergies. However, I must admit that these eye allergies did take about ten years to develop. Lucky me!

Well - I am off to work again today. Hopefully I will have tomorrow off. Keep your fingers crossed for me since I will probably be working all four days next week due to Linda's CAT scan and chemo.

Fun. Fun!


P.S. Remind me to tell you about why I can't use my iPod while walking in the morning!

Voice Update: Still acting like a roller coaster! Ups and downs all day long. Most of the time it is an "up" but I still have times when I have skips and misses and hesitations. At least my throat seems looser. We will see how it is after my linguistics terms test in class tonight!


Chris H said...

OOO That doesn't sound nice. Hope your eyes are feeling better soon.

Flea said...

That wasn't a short post. :)

Don't even think of moving to Tulsa. We're the allergy capital, what with crosswinds blowing dust and pollination from the four corners of the earth right here. I love it here, though.

Get better!