Tuesday, November 10, 2009

An Autumn Walk . . .

Hi All!

Since autumn is in the air, I thought I would take you on another walk around my neighborhood to enjoy the sights.

This is one of the trees in my yard. It is a sort of yellowish-brown. When the leaves first turned they were much more of a yellow.
My kitty looks happy surrounded by fallen leaves!

There is some red in the neighbors's pecan tree!

Pansies are the flower of the winter season here - they do beautifully. This one just had a shower!

We do have some contrast - palm trees!

The geese are starting to gang up for their flights across the skies.

The view of the lake is looking beautiful at this time of the year. I really liked the reflection on the water.

Most of the trees are a yellowish-brown but there are a few red ones like this!

Every day this flag makes me chuckle. Can you read it? It says "Welcome all U turkeys!"

The gold course robed in golden yellow.

The roses are starting to show a bit of wear from the cooler weather.

More yellows.

And then there are these . . . flowers. Beautiful flowers!

Seed pods on the cedar trees - interesting little balls which "explode" when they are ripe and hit the ground.

Here is a shot of the cedar - with some reddish tinge to it - and all of the seed pods. By the way - in the spring, these darn trees make me all stuffy!

I don't know what kind of tree this is but it is a lovely yellow.

Turning onto my street, these birds were lined up on the top of the trees.

They must be ready to munch these bright berries!

Looking down my street you see some color and some green - some of the trees will stay green all winter long.

The yards are covered with leaves . . .

They make for an interesting picture - lots of texture!

A Hosta blooming like my poor little Hostas never did! Maybe next year!

A different view of the tree in my front yard. It looks pretty in this light!

Well- we are home. How did you like the walk?
P.S. I am trying the earbuds for a while to see if I get used to them. Today wasn't too bad but it still wasn't too good.
Voice Update: Frustration city! I am really struggling with unvoiced consonants. I am missing and missing and missing. Susan gave me a bit of a massage yesterday and I have an appointment with her on Wednesday. I don't like struggling! It seems like whenever I "forget" that I have SD - it comes back just to remind me that it is there! I guess I need to just never forget about it! If only that would work!


Mental P Mama said...

Thanks for the walk. Now I can take my shower and start my day;)

noble pig said...

Okay I want a picture of an exploded cedar pod. I have to know what's in there.