Friday, November 20, 2009

Four. In. The. Morning!

Hi All!

You remember these two cuddly critters, right?

The brown one is Miss Cleo and the white one is Skor. They are my darling little angel kitties. Just look how nice and sweet they look cuddling on my bed! Who wouldn't want these two cuddled up with them?
Well - let me clarify that statement. There are times when I am more than happy to cuddle with my kitties. They purr and snuggle and are sweeties. However, things are not quite so rosy when they decide to snuggle and purr at FOUR. IN. THE. MORNING!
That is right. Four A.M.
Last night - or should I say this morning - both of my darling kitties decided that I needed to be awake in time for the thunder storm so they hopped up on the bed purring and snuggling and cuddling. They managed to wake me up quickly because I am a light sleeper. I was wide awake in time for the storm to start.
Then - I tried to drift off to sleep again. Nope. Both kitties worked as a well-oiled tag team to ensure that I didn't get a moment's sleep until the storm and the rain was done. What time might that have been you ask? 6:00 A.M. Just about when Hubby was ready to get up and hop in the shower.
So - I have been up since four this morning. I did manage to get about a half hour's worth of sleep while Hubby was in the shower but then my little "angels" decided - as they do every morning - they they just couldn't eat a bite until I was up and about in the kitchen.
I LOVE having kitties.
Today I am heading to the DAC again after a two week absence. I miss my friends there. Then it will be back home for a nap and more house cleaning in preparation for my Thanksgiving company. I might even start to sit down and plan out the menu and ingredients I need to buy at the store. Doesn't that sound like fun?
Have a super day!
Voice Update: Doing more inhale and massage seems to be helping a bit. My voice is getting marginally stronger. We will have to wait to see how it handles company over the holiday.

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Coffee Bean said...

They are quite cute!

I didn't get as much cleaning done today... but, I did a lot of the shopping for Thanksgiving.

Guess what? I am seriously considering going to see Dr. Burke in L.A. about having surgery.