Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Holding My Breath!

Hi All!

I made it through another day of work with few problems. My voice is still a bit of a frustration but it made it through another day. Today I have speech with Susan.

Right now, I am holding my breath. Linda is supposed to be working today but I told her when I talked to her that she could call me this morning if she woke up and wasn't feeling well. So . . . I am holding my breath!

Yesterday was Linda's fifth session of Chemo and she is supposed to do six and then they will give her a different, less toxic, mix of Chemo meds. Hopefully, that will allow her to regain her strength. So far - she is doing really well. Another CAT scan showed that the tumors are continuing to shrink and her blood work has been good. Please continue praying for her!

In other news - I am still trying to decide about my new earbuds. Last night, before bed, I put them in and the left one HURT! I couldn't stand to leave it in my ear! This morning, during my walk, I wore them again and they still hurt but not as bad as last night. This isn't looking good for my new earbuds!

This morning was a neat morning to walk - it was cool (only 54) and very foggy. The sky was grey (unusual for this neck-of-the-woods) and the fog made the distinction between sky and land a bit fuzzy! It was almost like walking in a fairy tale. Of course, I don't think a fairy tale would have so much dog poop on the sidewalks!

Hubby is home today because it is Veteran's day. Please take a minute to remember your local veterans. They have really worked hard to keep our country free and we should thank them profusely!

Go to this site for a moving tribute to our troops - past and present.


Voice Update: I pretty much said everything there is to say - still frustrating me but not quite as bad as it was this weekend. Blah!


Diane said...

Here's hoping that Linda's treatment keeps working! Happy Veteran's Day~

Mental P Mama said...

Holding Linda in my thoughts and prayers...All the best of everything!

imbeingheldhostage said...

Your walk sounds peaceful. We have had fog every day for about a week-- it is very fairy-tale-ish :-)

Happy Veteran's Day, enjoy having the hubby at home!