Monday, November 23, 2009

They're Coming!

Hi All!

After a couple days of lots of sleep and time to putter around . . . I am ALMOST ready for Thanksgiving! I went grocery shopping yesterday and bought a turkey that is the size of a small child along with all of the "fixin's" for dinner. I am certain that there are things I have forgotten but that will be Hubby's job - to run out to the store to pick up a thing or two!

I did manage to injure myself this weekend. You'll never, ever guess how I did it! I hurt myself putting away groceries! That is right - groceries! And not even the honkin' big turkey! I pulled out a drawer in the fridge and it zoomed out and almost fell out - "luckily" it didn't fall because my finger was stuck under the handle. Of course, the weight of the drawer did a nice number on my finger - think bending the nail back about half way and blood under the nail with a nice sore spot under the nail. Yep - fun!

In other news, I did go out and paint our address on the curb in front of our house. This is something that different companies and charities offer to do for a "minimum donation" several times a year and we never take them up on the offer. However, since I had the outside paint for Hubby's Buckeye sign and my neighbor's bunny porch decoration . . . . I felt the urge to do it myself. Primarily to see if I could actually do it.

Yesterday, after church, I got the paints and sat out in the street - being very vigilant for oncoming cars - and painted my heart out. It is a bit "funky" but - I like it. I will be taking a picture to show you today. By the way - Hubby thought I was a nut case for sitting in the street to paint the numbers but what else is new?

I will also be taking a lot of pictures this week as my guests arrive and we undertake both sightseeing and preparation for Thanksgiving. It should be fun! Oh - that reminds me. I need to stop blogging and check their flight to see if they are coming in on time or not.

I will update you more tomorrow!


Voice Update: Doing surprisingly well. I think the inhale singing is doing the trick!

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Mental P Mama said...

Have a wonderful time with all your preparations! And stay safe;)