Monday, November 9, 2009

New Earbuds!

Hi All!

As you might recall, my iPod was a bit out of commission last week because my earbuds were malfunctioning. I could still use my iPod at work with the external speaker but it wasn't adapted to use while walking in the mornings. I really, really, missed my iPod!

However, I did go onto one of my favorite iPod related sites - to order some new earbuds. iFrogz is where I got the cases for my iPod and I really like them so I thought - why not?

I decided to purchase earbuds which are worn outside of the ear canal because I have heard so much about hearing loss from the in-canal ones. Plus - the ones I have been using for the past two-three years are the ones worn outside the ear canal so . . .

The earbuds I ordered were customizable. I picked a neat design to be on them and then anxiously waited for them to arrive. I was so anxious for their arrival that I almost caved and bought a cheap pair of earphones at Wal Mart just to get my iPod fix!

With some help from Hubby, I resisted and got my new earbuds in the mail the next day! I was excited - I wanted to try them out right away but . . . I needed to charge my iPod first. Frustrating!

After the iPod was all charged up and ready to go - I plugged in the new earbuds, popped them in my ears and . . . they sounded great. I was thrilled! I happily listened to a couple of podcasts before getting ready for bed. Everything was great. Until . . .

I figured out that the earbuds hurt my ears!

Yes - the inside of my ears - where the earbuds rested - were sore. Very sore, in fact.

This is not good! I lamented about this fact to Hubby and he told me that maybe I just needed to get used to the new earbuds.

We will see! I wore them today while I walked and they left my ears a little sore. Maybe this is just a new way to make sure I don't listen too long!


Voice Update: Another frustration! I am having some major problems with skipping and missing sounds! I was talking to both my brother and my mother this weekend and had a lot of trouble with certain sounds! Yuck! I do have a speech appointment on Wednesday so hopefully that will help but . . . YUCK!


Chris H said...

New Earbuds will hurt your ears till you get used to them for sure.

Flea said...

I hope you get used to them! I don't like earbuds at all and am holding out for old fashioned head phones.