Thursday, November 19, 2009

Returning Things

Hi All!

Let me tell you how much I hate, dislike, cringe to think about returning things. I try to make sure that I will like/enjoy/fit into the product I buy before I buy it because I hate returning things. Then - returning things online - just that much worse!

In earlier blogs I believe I have told you about my iPod earbud problems. The original earbuds conked out after about three years and so I went on a hunt for new ones. Because I like the products I have gotten from the website - iFrogz - before, I ordered earbuds from them.

The earbuds arrived and I was thrilled - they look so cool with a neat design on the sides and everything. Plus - they sound good.

However - they really hurt my ears!

Trying to tell myself that I just need to get used to them, I struggled through a week and more trying to "get used to" the new earbuds. No dice. In fact, at times they hurt my ears so much that I couldn't stand to keep them in my ears! Not good!

Well, I stopped by Wal Mart and picked up a cheapo pair of earbuds to see if they were any different. Surprise, surprise, they felt wonderful right from the start and the sound quality wasn't noticeably different (not that I would notice something like that unless it was HORRIBLE!).

The decision was made to return the iFrogz earbuds. Admittedly, I have been putting it off because of my afore mentioned dislike of returning things. However - today I have taken the plunge and have started the process. We will see how it goes. I hope iFrogz is as good about returns as they are about ordering and shipping.

How do you feel about returning things?


Voice Update: After a long bout of inhalation singing on my way to work yesterday my voice seems marginally better. We will see if it keeps improving. I think the inhalation voicing helps relax my cords and get them back into a more normal "groove."


Mental P Mama said...

I never return things. It's a problem. I have lots of mistakes sitting in my closet;)

Chris H said...

I also cringe if I have to return anything!
My Sewing Machine is a prime example! I should have returned it and demanded my money back months ago. Ahhhhh... live and learn.
I must be more ASSERTIVE.