Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Hi All!

The weather here is still chilly - only 43 degrees when I woke up this morning! Both Fred and my lettuce found their way into the garage yesterday while I was working and/or at class so that they are protected from this cold spell.

Who made this happen? Hubby. I didn't even ask him to move the plants but, he remembered them and moved them. He is a good guy.

That simple act got me thinking about Hubby. He is a pretty quiet guy. He never really stands out in a crowd - by design, I should say. He likes being in the background observing.

Hubby is one of the "good guys" of myth and legend. He is kind and thoughtful in his gentle, kind way. He never really says too much but he does a lot. If he sees something that needs done, he does it. If someone needs something, more often than not, Hubby will help them get it. He wants everyone to be comfortable and happy.

When I first noticed the symptoms of SD in my life, Hubby was right there supporting me as I imagined the worst. As I struggled to continue teaching, he was roped into recording all kinds of things for me to use in my class - vocabulary tests, instructions for a practice TAKS test. Hubby only gave me a token complaint before sighing and recording.

As my voice continued to make itself scarce, Hubby picked up the slack. He made lots and lots of phone calls. He drove me to doctor appointments. He listened as I cried out my frustration. He tried to make people on the phone understand that yes, I was there but no, I couldn't talk. Literally.

It was Hubby who found information on the Internet about SD for me. He was the one who figured out how to get my amplified telephone which gave me that ability to use the phone again. He walked with me every evening when I needed to work on my breathing endurance. He even endured all of my vocal exercises - some of which sounded absolutely weird!

When my voice was returning and needed constant amplification, Hubby even accepted my being miked pretty much 24/7 with good humor. He did complain about the unintended feedback which I learned was caused by entering or leaving the car with the mic turned on but - who wouldn't?

Hubby has endured a lot over the past couple of years.

And his support continues!

Even now that I have a voice Hubby is supportive of my as I navigate classes and work and whatever else life throws my way.

Hubby is wonderful. I love him and can't imagine what I would ever do without him. He might be quiet but . . . he is my hero!


Voice Update: Mehh! Still hanging in a balance between good and bad. Most of the time my voice is okay but I am still struggling with different unvoiced consonant sounds. How frustrating!


Chris H said...

Aww you almost made me cry!
I too have the most wonderful husband.. we are both very lucky eh?
I think having the right life partner makes our lives so much more enjoyable. I always feel so sad when I read/see/hear of couples who are not happy together but stay together for some reason or other. What a sad way to live your life!
I am thankful every day for my gorgeous Stew!

Mental P Mama said...

You are both very blessed!