Saturday, November 14, 2009

Friday Finale

Hi All!

Thank you for your get well wishes yesterday. I feel much better today - still a little foggy but much better!

Yesterday I went to bed and set my alarm so that I would get up in time to go and visit the DAC. Didn't happen. Apparently, I slept through the alarm because I didn't wake up until noon. OOPS! I had promised a classmate that I would meet her in the ASL lab to work on a class project at 1:00. That means I had to jump in the shower, eat something, and get myself in the car to drive the 40+ minutes to the college!

I did make it to the college and worked with my classmate on two different projects - one which is due on Monday and one which is for our final exam. Then I headed home. On the way, I remembered (thanks to the light on my dashboard) that I needed gas. Hubby had told me to get gas from the Kroger gas station so I headed that way.

The gas station is next to a yummy custard shop which has pumpkin custard this time of year. How could I not get some?

Then I "hit" Wal Mart to pick up some earbuds for my iPod. I have decided to see if they are more comfortable than the ones I recently bought. Guess what? They are! The other earbuds will be going back soon!

After shopping (and picking up a lovely pink shirt and a Christmas gift for Hubby) I went home to find . . . Hubby!

Hubby was working from home!

He NEVER works from home! This time, however, he was having problems with a needed website/program at work and it works fine at home so . . . he was working at home!

When he finished up, I took him to the scooter shop to pick up his scooter. It is now working wonderfully! Yeah!

Hubby made omelets for dinner and we went to bed early.

Not too bad of a day for such a bad start!


Voice Update: Doing better but still needing some work. I am massaging and doing inhale e's. Hopefully that will get it back "in whack" soon!

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noble pig said...

Glad you are feeling better.