Monday, November 2, 2009

A "1920's" Wedding

Hi All!

This weekend was fun for me. On Saturday, Halloween, Hubby and I attended a wedding. Since it was on Halloween, it was a themed wedding. The theme . . . . the 1920's. The guests were encouraged to dress in theme and the wedding party was dressed in theme.

The wedding and reception took place at The Bingham House - a historic house which, I believe, is now a bed and breakfast and site for various events.

The actual ceremony took place in the front yard.

This is the bride and her mother walking down the aisle. I adore the bride's dress!

The back with the ribbon is lovely!

Apparently, the groom thinks the bride looks good too!

The ceremony is over - it was lovely with the minister reading paragraphs the bride and groom wrote about each other during their counseling sessions. There was also a sand ceremony where the bride and groom and their families poured different colored sand into a container representing different wishes for the couple's married life.

As you can see - the guests got into the spirit!

This is the groom's cake. Very thematic!

To get to the reception, you had to enter the "speakeasy" through this door. If you didn't know the password, you didn't get in!

The tables had the cutest centerpieces - enhanced with my violin case. I made the case to hold the card for the couple. What did the card look like? A Tommy gun - of course! I will post some pictures of the construction later!

I know the bride from class and my other friend, Beth, also attended. We had to have a picture! The reception hall was very dim so the picture is too.

Here is Beth and her boyfriend, Zach. Don't they look perfect? They rented their costumes. Some people plan ahead. Me? I looked in my closet for something to wear!
It was a fun evening and the theme really was neat. The whole reception ended with a "raid" on the evening. The police officers took the couple away in handcuffs!
Too fun!
Voice Update: I have a bunch of skipping going on. You probably wouldn't notice if you didn't know me but . . . unfortunately, I know me! I guess I need more exercises. Hopefully, this week won't be as stressful as last week and will let me get my voice worked out!


Mental P Mama said...

What a fun theme! And I LOVE your beautiful sheath!

Coffee Bean said...

Oh how fun!!! Wow! I would have had a blast at something like that!

noble pig said...

What an awesome wedding!!!