Monday, November 16, 2009


Hi All!

This morning is chilly in Texas - it was only 47 degrees when I woke up! In preparation for my morning walk I pulled on my thermals which I got in Ohio last Christmas, a nice turtleneck, my new walking pants, a heavy sweatshirt, and nice thick socks. I was nice an warm - except for my ears. Before heading out, I did debate with myself about wearing earmuffs but . . . obviously I lost and went out without them.

My ears were almost frozen when I got in. Not so much from the temperature but rather, from the constant STRONG wind.

Normally, the wind is strong but only along certain streets of my walk. Today - it was windy EVERYWHERE! So windy that it was difficult to hear my podcasts!

Before Hubby left for work this morning, he looked at me and said, "You might want to bring Fred in for the winter. It is getting too cold outside for him to stay out there much longer."

Who is Fred? Well, for those of you who have forgotten, Fred is my date palm.

This was Fred at the beginning of the summer. I am very proud of Fred since I actually planted him from a seed from a date that I bought at the grocery store. Actually, I planted something like six seeds but only got one sprout - Fred!

It is difficult to see in this picture because of the lighting but . . . Fred has grown a LOT! He now has four leaves and one is very broad and thick! Go, Fred, go!

Currently, Fred is on the back porch in a sheltered corner so that I can gradually move him inside without shocking him by the drastic temperature changes. I also need to spray him for bugs!

In other news - I work today. I will probably also work tomorrow. Wednesday and Thursday are up in the air for now but I refuse to make any plans because the last time I did that didn't turn out too well!

Have a fabulous Monday!


Voice Update: Still lingering between good and not-so-good. I am trying to do my massage and stuff like a good girl but . . . I didn't do any yesterday. I know, I know! Twenty lashes with a wet noodle!


Diane said...

I love Fred. I doubt that I could grow anything like that up north here!
Keep us posted on the progress!

Flea said...

Fred is darling!

noble pig said...

Funny, I only put my thermals on for a walk if it's 35 or below...but I guess you are not used to 47!

Mental P Mama said...

LOL...47 can be balmy for us up here in Connecticut, but we are having a very warm Fall. And I love it! PS_Go Fred, go!