Thursday, November 12, 2009


Hi All!

Well - I didn't end up working yesterday but I did end up spending more time at the office than I had planned.

My normally scheduled speech therapy session is at 12:45 on Wednesdays. Every other week my appointment is at 12:45. Right. So - yesterday, I was ready to get to my session at 12:45. I showed up early for my 12:45 appointment.

Only to find out that my appointment had been changed this week and was really at 12:00!


I was late.

Luckily, Susan had a cancellation that day so I stayed around until about 2:15 for that appointment. While I waited I started to clean out a closet in the office in preparation for the office move to another, smaller office sometime around Christmas.

Now, the whole staying around the office for a later appointment did cause some minor ripples in my plans for the day.

Hubby was home for Veteran's Day and I had planned to go home and spend some time with him after my appointment before heading to the college for class. Because I was going home, I didn't have any of my school books with me. However, it was impractical to go home while waiting for the new appointment because of the time involved (I live about 40 minutes from the office). So . . . . I ended up going to school with no books and no materials. I also didn't have any snacks to make it from lunch - eaten around 11:30 - and dinner - which would be eaten at around 9:00 when I got home from class.

Such issues!

Everything worked out fine. I had a good session with Susan - my voice freed up a lot and now I need to really work to keep it that way! Class was fine without books - we didn't have anything due so it worked.

The only problem was the lack of snacks. I stopped and got some onion rings at What-a-Burger. BIG mistake. My stomach did NOT enjoy those one bit. Oh well!

Today I am working. But, first I have an appointment with my Endocrinologist. That means I will have blood work done so I have to fast before the appointment. I will go straight from the appointment to work and am going to pack some breakfast/lunch for me to eat between the two. Doesn't that sound like fun?


Voice Update: Doing much, much better thanks to my appointment. I still have some minor hesitation on unvoiced consonants but nothing like I was experiencing before the appointment.

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