Wednesday, November 18, 2009

And So It Continues . . .

Hi All!

Yesterday work wasn't too bad - a bit frustrating because I have decided that I need to take a more active role in the whole insurance thing. Up to now I have been leaving the complicated ones to Linda when she comes to work but . . . there have been questions when I am there so I am jumping in to figure out what is going on!

Let me just say that some insurance companies are pretty good - they send clear EOBs (Explanation of Benefit forms) and their help lines are actually helpful. They also pay for things like speech therapy for kiddos who can't say words correctly. Other companies . . . not so much!

There is one company in particular - which shall remain nameless - which is a general pain in the booty! They always want medical records and session notes - usually multiple times for the same patient within a couple months - their phone help lines are annoyingly complex and keep you from talking to a real person for as long as possible. And the real people you talk to eventually . . . sometimes they are not understandable - maybe in a different country?

Every time you manage to talk to a person on the help line they say something different from the last person you talked to. What fun!

Oh well! I have to do it so . . . I am doing it.

The other thing I have decided is that I am just planning to work every day. That way I don't expect a day off and get disappointed when I have to work. Thinking this way helps me think more positively and makes my life better in general!

Oh - what is the genesis of this post? Linda has another medical complication - nothing serious but enough to keep her out of work. So I continue to work . . .

I am beginning to think about an exit strategy though.


Voice Update: Doing fairly well. Not good but not bad. Still working on massage and inhalation exercises.


Mental P Mama said...

LOL @exit strategy! Good luck;)

noble pig said...

As the wife of a physician, insurance companies suck. Yes, I mean that.