Monday, August 3, 2009

New Shoes (well . . . sort of!)

Hi All!

I have new shoes! Okay - so I bought them during my cruise but you know how slow I am being about posting cruise photos so . . .

While at the airport - I think it was in Albuquerque, New Mexico - I happened to see a Croc's store. That is right - a genuine Croc store. I had heard that they had heels so I was curious. We had the time so - I tried some on. They are comfortable! They had two different styles at the store that I liked but here is what I ended up getting . . .

I have the pictures in the reverse order that I intended but, I guess it will work!

The bottoms have good traction.

They have a fair sized heel.

Another shot to show the heel height.

They are strappy and fun and comfy. What more can you ask from a shoe? I love them! In fact, I am thinking I might go online and buy the other style in a different color.
I might have to do it quickly because I heard on the news just the other day that the Croc company isn't doing too well! Yikes! Just when I found fun heels which are comfortable! Isn't that just my luck!
Voice Update: Doing pretty well. I am certainly looking forward to getting a massage today though!


noble pig said...


Anonymous said...

My daughter has those! I have borrowed them a time or to and they are comfortable!


King of New York Hacks said...

They look like solid rubber....can you leap buildings ?
If so , I'll wear them too LOL

Louise said...

I have gotten ones online from
Shoehustler ...really they are so comfortable

So here it is:

Chris H said...

They are pretty cute! We don't have them here, just the regular Crocs.