Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Hi All!

Well, I survived my first day of work and classes. A couple (literally two) people I was close to in ASL 3 are in my ASL 4 class so I am happy! I do have to say that this class looks like a lot of work and I am just a tiny bit apprehensive about missing a week of classes to go to Ohio to visit my relatives but . . . I am sure I will survive!

Miss Cleo now is stitch free and Skor has started on yet another antibiotic regime even though Hubby couldn't get any meds down him yesterday morning and had to wait until I came home to complete that task. We still aren't sure what was going on with Miss Cleo's tumor - the pathology came back "undetermined." Don't you love that? The vet said that if it grew back we may be looking at something cancerous (heaven forbid!) so I guess we just get to wait and see what happens!

Have I ever mentioned that on Tuesdays iTunes puts out a new single of the week which can be downloaded free? It is fun - all different genres, some good and some just so-so, but something different each week! I look forward to Tuesdays and a new song! Either it is my addiction to iTunes, my love of music, or my love of free stuff!

Speaking of iTunes, there are a couple of podcasts that I have been listening to lately which I thought I would mention briefly.

Lately I have been searching for a better way to meditate on the Bible and to deal with devotions. I have been getting The Daily Bread for many years and really like their daily devotions but . . . I just don't seem to make the time each day to read them. So . . . I checked out podcasts - after all, there are podcasts and pretty much everything these days.

I found three podcasts (well, I found a LOT but narrowed down my focus to three!) which I want to let you know about.

First, is PodBible - Bible in a Year. This is "normal" people from New Zealand reading from the Bible. Once you get used to the accent (which is neat!), it is a good way to listen to the Bible. Once in a while a reader gets tongue tied and that is a bit distracting but on the whole - this podcast is a super way to get closer to the Bible and to "read" it in a year.

Next is EarlyLight Daily Devotional. This is a short podcast which starts with a theme each day such as discouragement, jealousy, success, etc. Then the speaker ties the theme in with a Bible passage and a short message. I have found these to be very though provoking and enjoyable. The speaker is very professional and the topics are well planned and relevant to daily life. This is the podcast I start my day with each morning.

Finally, there is Today in the Word Daily Devotional. This is produced by the Moody Institute (I think that is right). This podcast begins with a Bible reading and then a devotional relating to the reading. While I think the podcast is well done and the devotionals are thought provoking, there are times when I think the connection between the passage, the devotional, and daily life is just a bit tenuous. I regularly listen but it isn't my first choice.

If you are interested in daily devotionals or daily Bible readings but have never found the time - check out these podcasts. You can listen on the go or while exercising - which is my preference - and get your day started on the right foot.


Voice Update: Doing well even though I did WAY too much talking on the phone yesterday. In fact, I did so much phone work that Jean, on the therapists actually stopped in the office and told me that I HAD to take a break to help my voice! I am hoping to get a massage today. We will see.


Chris H said...

I'm glad your cats are doing well ...
I don't 'do' religion at all... but I'm glad you have found some podcasts to listen to.

Mental P Mama said...

I think that some of those podcasts can be amazing. Keep up the good works in the kitty cat convalescent center;)