Friday, August 14, 2009

Am I a Bad Kitty Mom?

Hi All!

This morning I had to get Miss Cleo to the vet's office so she can have her teeth cleaned. This is something we do every couple of years. This year it was especially important because she has a swollen area in the gum around her right canine (the long pointy tooth she uses to snaggle us!). We want to get that cleaned so we don't have any problems with her gums. Hopefully, that tooth won't have to be removed!

All good, right?


Taking Miss Cleo to have her teeth cleaned meant that she couldn't eat after 10:00 P.M. last night. THAT meant that Skor couldn't eat either. Of course THAT meant that both kitties were very hungry in the morning and decided that 4:15 was an appropriate time to wake me up asking for food - which I couldn't give to them!

I laid in bed, awake with two kitties pestering me, until Hubby got up and got into the kitchen. Then the kitties went with him hoping he would succumb to their big, kitty eyes and give them food. He was strong. I was proud of him!

However, when I stumbled out of bed to walk, I was greeted with this.

Two kitties just sitting by the empty food bowls alternatively whining and peering up at me hopefully.
Eventually, they decided to just take up residence by the bowls. They would settle in for a while and then try the whining bit again. Any time either Hubby or I walked near them, both cats would jump up and wind through our legs whining for food.

Heartbreaking! Talk about being made to feel like a bad kitty Mom! The only thing worse was when I actually had Miss Cleo in her carrier and in the car. The heart wrenching meows coming from that little carrier were soooo sad!
It does help a bit to know that when I go to pick her up from the vet's this afternoon she will completely ignore me for at least an hour as revenge.
Voice Update: I don't really know. I am so darn tired that everything is sort of warped in my brain right now. I do know that I DO have a voice - I have talked to the vet and Jay this morning. I don't know what the quality is exactly but . . . when I get up from my nap I will do my exercises and massage.


Mental P Mama said...

I have had a cat with congestive heart failure this past month.....and I will tell you that I truly think they know you are helping them. Even Skor;)

Chris H said...

Awww too cute! I bet they were starving later on!