Saturday, August 8, 2009

Stream of Consciousness Post

Hi All!

There are just days where I can't focus my thoughts on one particular topic to post. Usually I sit and think until I decide which train of thought I should blog about. Today - I think I will let you take a little peek into what is going on inside my brain . . . sort of a stream of consciousness kind of thing.

I want to blog about something other people will find interesting so that I get some comments. But then again - do I really blog for comments? Or do I blog for myself? There are some things I could blog about but I don't want to since that would reveal just a little bit too much about me to everyone. I am not sure I want readers to know THAT much about me!

I could blog about my cats - but I do that too much already. Besides, who would really be interested in hearing that Skor can't leave me alone to blog and has to jump up on the desk and lay down right in front of me - sometimes on the keyboard so there is no way that I can type. I could post what ends up on the screen when Skor is wandering around the keyboard - but that would just be annoying!

Of course, I am sure that there are others out there who know how wonderful it is to have a purring kitty nearby. They are so darn cute when they purr. They get all floppy - their little cat paws are limp and they just are blissed out. Oh - to be a cat!

But - I suppose I should blog about more serious things. Like the conflict I feel right now about "what I want to do when I grow up!" I am getting to the time where I am going to have to make some decisions. Work- with the speech therapists - is good but I just don't know if that is what I want to do with my life. It is good money and is only four half days a week so maybe I should take it. But then does that mean I am giving up on teaching?

And do I really want to go back to teaching with all of its hassles and stresses? I am so worried that my voice won't be able to handle it and I will be forced to quit mid-year for the second time in my teaching career. What would that say about my reliability? If I did that would I ever be able to get another teaching job in the future? Would I even want one?

I sort of like the idea of teaching Deaf children. But - would that be more hassle than it is worth? The only place where they have those programs in the area are either in Dallas - not a really palatable choice - or Irving - which is far from home.

Gee - my back hurts. I wonder if it is just stress about trying to make decisions or if something is off with my work set up like the chair or computer or something. Mysterious!

Right now Christmas music is playing on my iTunes. I have it on shuffle - like always - and just recently decided to put the Christmas stuff into the mix. It is sort of nice to hear it mixed in with other genres of music instead of just with all Christmas music.

Hmmmm did saying Christmas that many times offend any of my readers? I suppose it would be more "politically correct" to say "holiday music." But too bad - I happen to believe in Christ and think that this whole political correctness stuff has just gone way, way, way too far! So there! I will listen to my Christmas music all I want!

Speaking of Christian things (well, in a way) I have found some neat podcasts for my daily walks including a couple daily devotionals and a bible in a year podcast. I had put them on my iPod a couple days ago but didn't get to listen to them because my neighbor, C, walked with me and listening to my iPod while walking with her would be rude.

Has anyone tried the Pizza hut pizza rolls? They show them on the commercials and they look great but . . . we haven't gotten to Pizza Hut to check them out. I had hoped to go today but Hubby made pizza last night (Digiorno) at home so that is out. Not that I couldn't eat pizza every day of the week but Hubby is a bit more particular!

Oh well!

Skor is hanging over the side of the desk right now with part of his body laying on my hands while I type. So adorable!

I guess I will stop for now. I hope no one got lost on the edited version of my thoughts. I promise to think of something more . .. concise for tomorrow's post!


Voice Update: Doing well. I don't want to talk about it though. Just feeling sort of grumpy!


Mental P Mama said...

LOL I think you beat out Faulkner on this one;) Did you hear about that man who blamed his cat walking on his keyboard for all the child porn he had? Right.

Chris H said...

Phew! Quite a bit going on in your head there girl!
I blog about whatever is most on my mind at the time. I don't give much thought to if it will get me comments or not! They are nice of course, but not the reason I blog!