Sunday, August 16, 2009

Chrismon and Miss Cleo Update

Hi All!

I thought I would show you the project I have been working on for the church. It is a holiday ornament called a Chrismon. This one is in the shape of a trumpet or horn. I finally finished sewing it on Saturday! Yeah!

Not too bad, right? Please tell me it looks good even if you don't think it does - it took me a long time to decipher the instructions which came with this thing!

As you might know, Miss Cleo went to get her teeth cleaned on Friday. While there they found that she also had a tumor on her right shoulder. They removed it and sent it to a pathologist so we will know soon just what it is.
Anyway - when she got home she was really, really hungry. The only problem was that her teeth hurt and she was really loopy. I dug some salmon out for her and put it on a plate. It is on the carpet because she was sliding all over the tile floor.

Eventually, Miss Cleo gave up trying to remain upright and just laid down right on the plate. These pictures don't really show how funny this was but . . .

Miss Cleo really tried to eat but ended up pushing a lot of the salmon off the plate and then spent some time looking for it.

For the first couple of days, Miss Cleo was good and left the stitches alone. Then . . . this morning I was up and noticed that she had some dried blood around the incision which wasn't there yesterday. Then I saw her yank the heck out of one of the stitches. Don't you think that would hurt?
Well, I decided that she might need to be coned. I pulled our Skor's cone and put it in place.
Miss Cleo went absolutely nuts. She ran into walls and furniture, rolled on the ground trying to paw the cone off, she was doing stuff that made me worry that she was going to hurt herself.
Obviously I needed another plan.
Here is what I came up with.

It is difficult to see in this picture but Miss Cleo is sporting an infant's white polo shirt with blue trim on the sleeves and collar. This is a shirt which my teddy bear, Bearsy, usually sports but it seemed like it might serve the purpose.

Let's just say that Miss Cleo isn't too happy about her fashion statement. At first, she wouldn't even get up. She acted like the shirt was impeding her ability to stand and walk. Then, she got up but walked like something horrible had happened to her.

I think she is finally starting to get used to the shirt. I did notice that she managed to get her leg out of the sleeve - on the side of her stitches, of course. I buttoned the collar in the hopes that she won't have enough room to do that again.

What problems we have! I must say that it does break my heart to have to do this to my little girl!


Voice Update: Doing okay. Still needs some rest. When I posted about Dystonia yesterday I realized that I was actually jealous of the amount of research there is going on about Dystonia. Jealous! Not good, not good! Especially since I just listened to a devotional about how jealousy is sinful! I will work my way through it!

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imbeingheldhostage said...

Miss Cleo is cracking me up-- maybe a little stubborn streak? :-) and of course I'm going to tell you it looks good! I can't sew to save my life, so believe me, I think you did a wonderful job!!