Monday, August 17, 2009

Skor and the Toybox

Hi All!

Some of you might have guessed that my cat, Skor, is a bit inquisitive. This leads to all kinds of trouble. He has cut his feet twice on things which Hubby and I have never identified. He gets locked into closets when he sneaks in without us noticing. He knocks all kinds of stuff off of low shelves and "hides" things we are looking for (can you say car keys? He made me late for work on Thursday!).

Skor's inquisitiveness does have its upside - it does keep him entertained. Sometimes it keeps him busy for quite a long time. Yesterday, Hubby and I were watching Big Brother (yes, we are addicted!) and Skor . . . well, he was keeping busy.

We put all of his balls in a box about once a week to keep them from underfoot. He spends the rest of the week digging them out.
Of course, the goal is to dig them out - not to play with them! See how he ignores the green ball in his quest to get the orange ball out of the box?

Sometimes he takes a moment to study his task.

Then he throws himself into the task whole-hearted. Hubby loves it when he gets his head in the box (don't worry - he can get out and can breathe!).

Here is a video of Skor's entertainment. Enjoy!

Miss Cleo Update: Still has the shirt on even though it becomes a "tube top" when we get up in the morning. She gets her legs out of the sleeves even when we tape them so they are tighter. Then she has the shirt stuck around her belly. The good news is that it doesn't look like she has been bothering the stitches too much!
Voice Update: Still doing well. In fact, last night I was running through all of my most difficult sounds for Hubby and I didn't have a single break or skip! YEAH! Of course, this is just the beginning of the work week so - we will see how the voice lasts!

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