Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Hi All!

This morning didn't start too well for me. Skor decided that I needed to get up at 5:30 A.M. - an entire hour before I normally get up! Then, when I finally did get up, I walked out into the kitchen and saw this . . .

Call the National Guard! We are being attacked by Mothra!

Of course I grabbed my trusty camera and headed outside to take a picture of this HUGE thing on our window.
It was such a masterpiece of camouflage that my camera had a hard time focusing on it.

And did I mention that it was HUGE? I made sure that the bricks were in this picture to try to let you gauge the size of this insect.

Before going outside, I told Hubby that I was surprised that Skor hadn't found this bug yet. When I got back inside . . .

Poor Skor - always trying to get things that he can't have!
After this it was time to meet my neighbor, C, to walk. By the time I got home, the moth was gone. I don't know if it flew away or if one of the birds at our feeder right by that window got it. If a bird got that huge thing - I am impressed!
That is my news for the day!
Now I am off to my blog archives to see if I blogged about The Wedding Singer, the Musical. Hubby insists that he didn't go to see it with me and I am pretty darn sure that he did!
Have a super Wednesday!
Voice Update: I was on the phone ALL DAY at work yesterday. Today my voice is showing it. I am still sounding pretty good but I can tell that my voice is a bit tired. Poor voice!


Mental P Mama said...

LOL. I love that movie! Those creepy twins....

Flea said...

That's a huge mother Mothra!

Chris H said...

That certainly is a big moth.. if he was on a tree you would never see him!