Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Blonde Moment

Hi All!

I admit it. Over the weekend I had a major blonde moment. So did Hubby. So did several hundred other people. All at the same time.

How, you might be asking yourself?

We all went to the Music Hall to see Legally Blonde, the musical!

Having long been fans of the movie version of this production, Hubby (who only grudgingly admits to enjoying the movie) and I knew what we were in for - sort of. We knew the story line and the characters and we also knew that this wouldn't be a heavy-weight musical. It would be far fluffier and cute.

While we were right - the musical was fluffy and cute - we (okay, maybe it was only me who was impressed - Hubby won't comment) were impressed by the fun and humor the musical brought to the stage. While many of the songs were a bit "cheesy" such as "Omigod You Guys," "Bend and Snap," and "The Harvard Variations," there were many songs which fit into the plot line very well and brought just the right touch of serious emotion to the musical. These included "Blood in the Water," "Ireland," and "Legally Blonde."

The addition of two adorable trained dogs - one a chihuahua for Elle and the other a bulldog for Paulette - spiced things up even though the dogs weren't on stage very long compared to their appearance time in the movie.

Another stand-out performance was given by Natalie Joy Johnson, the actress who played Paulette. In this incarnation, Paulette is a hair stylist instead of a nail tech and she dreams of going to Ireland where everything is better (a big play on the whole "the grass is greener" metaphor perhaps?). Johnson blew me away with her strong voice and the emotion she brought to her songs. She was certainly a highlight of the performance.

The other actors were good - in particular Ken Land who played Professor Callahan - and everyone gave very enthusiastic performances. The dancing was well choreographed and performed and the sets were just colorful enough to add to the glitz of the show without stealing the scene.

The plot followed the plot of the movie for the most part with some minor changes and the musical as a whole was fun, upbeat, and cheery.

If Legally Blonde comes to your town, I wouldn't hesitate to take your family even thought Hubby would like for me to relay that there was a notable lack of men in the audience when compared to the pink clad women and girls. Of well - grab something pink and head to the theater. Legally Blonde will deliver a fun time without making you think too hard about the plot. It will also leave you with fun melodies running around your head as you leave the theater.

Just what a musical should do!


Voice Update: Doing well. Enough said.


Chris H said...

I totally LOVE that movie, but we have never had the musical here. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

noble pig said...

Sounds like it was a blast!