Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bountiful Harvest . . .

Hi All!

Happy Tuesday! We all survived Monday and are back for another day! Actually, yesterday went very well for me. I started a new work schedule so that I will be ready when I begin my class next week. I will be taking ASL 4 on Monday and Wednesday nights and need to leave work a bit earlier on those days to make it to school in time to do some lab work. Anyway - I test drove the new routine yesterday and it seemed to work well. The only flaw is that Hubby didn't realize I was doing it and wasn't home when I came home - early - yesterday! How did I get home early? Remember, I test drove the routine but there wasn't really a class so . . . home early!

Miss Cleo Update: Well, I think Miss Cleo has finally accepted the whole "shirt" thing. She hasn't taken it off for an entire day! She is even walking a bit more and not looking quite so upset with me. Progress!

The main topic for today . . . my harvest from my tomato plants!

Six lovely, red tomatoes! Don't they look yummy?

There is just a little weird thing about these tomatoes though. Do you notice it? Look at the picture above closely. Yes, a few are a bit pointy but that isn't it. Go on - look closer - do you see it?
What? You don't? Well, Maybe I can help you out a bit by showing you this next picture.

Do you see it now? These tomatoes are TINY! Almost miniature! All six of them combined are still not as big as one golf ball! Hubby laughed when I brought in this bounty! There are other, bigger, tomatoes - still green - on the plants but, all that were ripe were tiny, small, minuscule!

But - they are still tomatoes, right?


Voice Update: Well, my voice took a bit of a beating yesterday despite the fact that I wasn't on the phone too much. I don't know exactly what happened. When Susan gave me a massage, my neck was tight and sore! Nuts!


the Provident Woman said...

I went out to pick tomatoes the other day and birds flew out of my garden. Now I have 15 tomato plants and I was only able to get 3 tomatoes. The birds had eaten big chunks out of the rest. Grrrr!

Chris H said...

That is so funny! I wouldn't have know they were that tiny without the golf ball to compare them too! You are going to have to grow an awful lot to get a meal out of those tiny tomatoes!