Friday, July 31, 2009

Ice, Ice Baby!

Hi All!

If you have never had the chance to go to Glacier Bay, Alaska, you are really missing an amazing site. Every time I go (I have been twice now) I can't keep the lyrics from the ill-fated Vanilla Ice's song, "Ice, Ice Baby" from lodging deep into my brain to be repeated ad nauseum all day. However, I am sure you will agree -it is a fitting song!

Another porthole shot - this one shows all the little ice burgs out there - of course, they look little to me but who knows just how big they really are? It almost looked like the water was slushy because of the proliferation of ice.

Then we move on the the glacier proper. I am fascinated by the juxtaposition of the ice and the rock of the neighboring mountains. Something so solid as rock being carved away by something so transient as frozen water.

Proof of the glacier's fleeting ways (we are NOT going to get into the whole global warming issue here, thank you very much), icebergs are "calved" regularly. They float in silent majesty with their "parent" in the background.

The rugged beauty is almost unreal. Viewing this kind of nature makes you stop and wonder at the awesomeness of God.

Peeking between two converging slopes, another glacier is slowly but surely making its way down to the water's edge to "calve" its own family of icebergs while forever altering the landscape around it.

The blue tint of the icebergs almost cry out for that inevitable question about its origin, the cousin of every child's favorite question to unsuspecting parents, "Why is the sky blue?" Personally, I don't ask why, I just stand in awe of the natural beauty.

The jagged peaks visible just beyond the slope of this mountain side reminded me of the jagged plates on the back of a slumbering dinosaur who might wake and rise, stretching, at any moment.
"All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small.
All things wise and wonderful,
The Lord God made them all."
Voice Update: I seem to be struggling more than I should be. I don't really know why since my neck seems nice and loose and I have been working on my voice. Sometimes I guess it just works that way. Frustrating. Unpredictable. But needing to be accepted.


Anonymous said...

I love Glacier Bay. You did a great job capturing the beauty!

noble pig said...

Being in glacier bay is also one of those memories imprinted on my brain forever. But my favorite part is being served hot cocolate by cruise staff in tuxedos while we marvel at the it!