Thursday, August 27, 2009

Oh Bother! Big, Ballooning Blisters!

Hi All!

First of all, thank you for the supportive comments I got on my fractious post. I know this will pass . . . . eventually!

Well, I made it through another night of class. Actually, it was a pretty good class - if you could call it that. The normal class size of seven was reduced to only four and so Henry, our teacher, decided that we should cut class short and work on our first assignment in the lab so . . . that is what we did. The four of us who were in class plus one woman who showed up at about seven (the class starts at six!) worked in the interpreting lab on our first assignment.

The assignment is simple on the surface - watch a story told by a Deaf person in ASL. Practice voicing for the story (that is translating what is said in ASL into spoken English) and also practice signing what your classmates are voicing. However, once we got into the story it got a bit more complex. We had some issues figuring out what the person was saying in her story.

At one point we were almost ready to just all make up a word and stick with it. We figured that if we all said the same thing - what could Henry do? Then, we actually figured out what the person was saying. We did have a nice laugh over our "invented" version though.

My only anxiety now is that I will be missing a week of classes next week when I travel to Ohio to visit family. The assignment will be due when I get back! Not too much time to practice in that time frame! Oh well!

What is that? Oh, you want to know about the title?

Here is the story. For class we are expected to dress like a professional interpreter - nice, solid colors , etc. Well, my normal summer footwear option is Birkenstock sandals. Henry said that they were not appropriate. Drats!

However, I do own other shoes so . . . I dragged a pair out of the closet and decided to wear them for class. These are shoes that I bought right before I had to stop teaching so I actually never wore them to teach in. In fact, I haven't worn them much at all!

I tested the shoes out around the house on Tuesday night and it seemed like they were going to work out. I would put them on right before class and make it through the two hours or so of class with no problem!

Well - there was a problem!

I have thin heels (the only part of my body which can make that claim) and, apparently, the shoes have wide heels. By the time I had walked into the building from the parking lot I had developed nice, big blisters! In fact, they were so bad that I spent the rest of the evening barefooted. Yes, barefooted in that nasty, dirty college. Yuck!

At least Henry didn't say anything - thank goodness!

I guess I get to go back to the drawing board - so to speak - with the whole shoe issue. *sigh* Isn't that just how my luck is running these days?


Voice Update: A big stressed right now - there has been a lot of phone work at work this week. However, it is doing pretty well - a few breaks now and again but hardly noticeable!


Mental P Mama said...

LOL. I just had to shove my Fred Flintstone feet into some shoes for an interview. It was excruciating!

Chris H said...

Ouchy on the blisters! I feel for you.