Friday, August 7, 2009

My Blogging Bane - Breakfast Out!

Hi All!

Sorry I didn't post anything yesterday but . . . I had breakfast out with my ASL friends. Having breakfast before working meant that I had a choice - skip walking to blog or skip blogging. As you can tell - I skipped blogging. I am trying SOOOO hard to keep up the walking as a daily thing. Plus, my neighbor, C, walked with me so I couldn't walk, now, could I?

Okay - breakfast. There is a small, core group of women from my ASL 4 class and my Deaf Culture class that like getting together to socialize and practice our signing. We go to a Deaf church every once in a while. It is fun. We all like each other and our personalities seem to mesh well.

Yesterday we went to La Madeline's. In case you don't know it - it is a French style bistro/cafe which serves incredible fresh foods like crepes, omelets, breakfast croissants, quiche, etc. along with a selection of soups, salads, and fruit. They also just happen to have excellent pastries as well - the fruit tart is my personal favorite.

We all sat around a table and chatted (in both English and ASL) and had fun meeting S's friend, B. B is Deaf and is from Houston so he was just in town visiting S. It is always fun to meet Deaf people and to find out that they are just like us except that they speak a different language! B was very interesting and fun to be around.

My friend - the "other Tricia" - brought her two kiddos who were very nice young boys. They were a bit shy at first but really livened up to blow straw wrappers at us. I have to say it was fun to be a bit childlike with the straws!

After breakfast I had to leave for work so I don't really know how long everyone else stayed and chatted.

*sigh* getting together with friends is so wonderful and recharging for the soul!

Oh - a side note about another friend, J, whose husband left her. She recently found out that her husband has been spending a lot of money on a psychic. Pray for her folks, pray for her!


Voice Update: Doing well but I need to get in some more exercises. It is so hard with work!


Mental P Mama said...

I love eating breakfast out! And I am so sorry for your friend...but she'll be okay. And I don't need a psychic to tell her that!

noble pig said...

Sounds like a good time. Sorry about the psychic thing, not good.