Monday, August 24, 2009

Two "Invalids" and School Starts

Hi All!

Today is the last day that we will have TWO invalids in our house! Yeah!

Today Miss Cleo gets her stitches out so we will be able to retire the polo shirt for the time being. It has served its purpose well.

You may have noticed in the first picture that Skor is now a conehead . . . .AGAIN!

Yes, that is right. Skor has been coned. We keep thinking that the experience of having his feet cleaned and wearing a cone will keep him from messing with whatever he messes with to cut his feet (we still haven't figured out what he is messing with despite an all out hunt!). However . . . it doesn't seem to be working too well yet! Luckily, Skor doesn't mind the cone too much. Not that he LIKES it - he just doesn't run like a mad kitty to try to get it off!

Miss Cleo, on the other hand, doesn't particularly care for the cone. Even if it is on Skor. At least she isn't running away from him any more - that really hurt his feelings!


Well, school starts for the kiddos in our neck of the woods today. School also starts for me today! After work - and "early work day-" I will head to college for the beginning of ASL 4. It should be interesting. I still get just a little nervous about new classes even after all these years!

One of my biggest issues this semester is going to be food. I leave for work on Monday and Wednesday by 10:15. That means that while I have had breakfast, I haven't had lunch. Then I go from work directly to school - missing dinner. I will take healthy snacks to munch on at work but I feel like I should eat something more substantial before class. If I don't I think my concentration will be a bit . . . "off!"

Now, trying to think of what to eat before class. I could take something. There is a refrigerator at work I could stash stuff in while I am there. However, what exactly do I take? I could buy something on my way to school. However, that would probably be fast food and I would like something a BIT healthier! What a problem!

Do you have any suggestions??


Voice Update: Doing well. Susan is off this week - in California visiting with her new grandson - so I won't be getting my normal massages. Should be interesting!

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Mental P Mama said...

Make a lentil and brown rice keeps for days, and is wonderful! Feel better kitties!