Wednesday, August 26, 2009

That's It! I Am Just Going to Be Fractious!

Hi All!

Is it too early to be overwhelmed? I just started classes on Monday and already I feel like I am falling into a giant pit. I haven't even started any of the assignments and I already feel like I am behind! What is up with that?

AND - I am tired! This morning I sat down on the entryway rug to put on my socks so I could walk and . . . I fell asleep! What is up with that??

AND - I feel like my blog is stalled. No one - except my handful of very loyal readers (you know who you are!) - seems to be reading or caring if I write or not. Of course, I didn't start this blog to really get a huge audience but . . . what is up with that???

AND - I am getting a new zit right next to my bottom lip. It hurts and feels like it is the size of Jupiter. What is up with that????

That is it! I have had it! I am just going to be fractious today.

I hope your day is going better!


Voice Update: Surprisingly, it is doing well. I have been swamped with phone calls at work (what is up with THAT?????) but so far - so good!


Mental P Mama said...

You sound like me;) It's the summer doldrums. It'll pass.

Dragonstar said...

One of THOSE days! My problems are different from yours, but THOSE days seem to feature regularly - days when I just want to hide under the duvet. The only consolation is that they pass - honest!

Chris H said...

Don't worry.. I am still reading/commenting!
The blog world has times when it is quiet.. don't worry it will pick up again... it always does.
Oh and bugger about the zit... ouchy.