Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Now THESE are Hats!

Hi All!

While I was working yesterday (okay, it was really while I was on a break), I was leafing through a catalog about shoes. Imagine my surprise when I found this . . .

Are these not the most adorable hats?

I just had to chuckle and show everyone in the office. Then I thought about my Aunt Donna - she knits all kinds of stuff. I think she would like to knit these hats for her grand kids. And maybe one for me too! I just adore the dragon's little tongue sticking out!

Which one would you want?

Miss Cleo Update: I think she has accepted her plight and has decided to act dignified even though she looks hysterical in her little polo shirt!


Voice Update: Doing well but I have a horribly sore spot on the left side of my neck. I got a massage from Maria yesterday - it was nice. My actual voice is doing okay - I am really stepping up my exercises in an effort to keep it that way and to get rid of that sore spot!


noble pig said...

Those are hilarious. I want the red one.

Flea said...

Diablo is absolutely adorable! Those are some awesome hats!!!

Chris H said...

I think they would be fine on a kid's head, but not mine!

Mental P Mama said...

I need that red one.