Saturday, August 22, 2009

Living Vicariously

Hi All!

I am both physically and mentally tired so I am living vicariously today.

These pictures are from The Wilds in Cumberland, Ohio. I guess The Wilds is a safari park. My parents and my uncle went on a trip there yesterday and shared these pictures with me.

Apparently you get on a bus (either open air or closed in) and tour the property to see all of the animals on the grounds. My mom told me that they saw a herd of 5 giraffes running down the road. Imagine that! Cool,huh?
Mom said that it was a fun experience - of course, she and Dad have been on a REAL African safari so this wasn't "quite" the same but it still looks like fun, don't you think?
Voice Update: Doing well. The soreness in my neck is finally gone and that makes massaging my neck a LOT easier. I did notice yesterday that I was having some issues with those darn, infernal hs again! Rats!

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Chris H said...

I would too scared to go on 'real ' African Safari! Wild animals can EAT YOU! We had a nasty scare at the Auckland Zoo a year or so ago when the keepers thought a gorrilla was out and we all had to run to a shelter... I was PETRIFIED! I love Rhinos!