Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Monday Morning

Hi All!
Today I am going to show you a pictorial version of my morning. Are you ready to come along for the ride? Let's buckle those seat belts and get going!

Here is Miss Cleo. Right before I leave, the kitties always think they need food again even though they ate only two hours ago!

Skor decides that the strings on my wool hoodie (it is chilly here in the mornings) is the perfect toy. Down, Skor!

No! You are NOT getting more food! We will eat lunch when I get home! You know the routine by now, kitties!

Okay - we are now in the car. Buckle up. What? Oh, that? That is the Texas flag that Hubby wanted to paint on the garage wall several years ago. Why a Texas flag? He saw it on a tv show or something. Of course, I was the one who got to paint it - with help from my mother who was visiting at the time!

Before turning out of the alley, it is important to look both ways. People tend to zoom along this road!

This is the local Baptist church. Look, they are already setting up for this year's live nativity scene. It is a great thing to go to.

Stoplight! Right near McDonald's and Tierra Caliente. Both of which Hubby and I never eat in. Left turn!
First stop, the infamous The Colony post office. Why infamous you ask? Well, it isn't unusual for a person to enter this facility and not be seen again for hours and hours and hours! Sometimes the line comes right out those double doors you see. Honest! Luckily, today there are only two people in front of me and two (count them, two!) people working at the counters.

Yes, parking is a bit tight. The post office is remodeling (hence all the dust inside which made me sneeze). I wonder what they are doing here? The old parking lot was fine. I thought. Can you see the guy in the red shirt? He made me chuckle because he is such a Texan worker - wearing a cowboy hat!Okay! Back in the car and heading to the ASL lab for practice. Note the construction. It has been here FOREVER.Luckily, it is only a short stretch of road which is still being worked on. But then again - did you see any actual work going on? Me neither! Do you think they just forgot about picking up the cones and stuff? Hmmmmmm!How do you like the larger-than-life horse sculptures? I think they are pretty neat! Oh - do you see the bike rider? This next stretch of road is a VERY popular place for bike riders. Why? Well, it is one of the few "serious" hills in the area and they all come to train for hills.Here is the hill. Forgive the crooked shot - I was driving so I just picked up the camera and pushed the button without looking.

This is where I get onto the tollway to go to speech or to the Deaf Action Center. Not going that way today though!

One of my favorite things about the area where I live - a farm right next to the tollway and a busy road. The farmer still farms too! On this street we pass fields and cows and even some horses. No pictures today though - they weren't near the road on this trip! Rats!Okay - we are at the college. Finding a parking spot is always fun but today I score with one in the third row! Nice!This is the entrance I always go in. The classroom is not too far from this door!

I love this - the entry I go in is also the entry to the conference center and the theater. it has this nice skylight!

A quick left at the first hallway. The classroom for ASL 1 is right between the two benches on the left. My classroom this time is down the first hallway to the right. The lab - it is at the end of the hall on the left. Let's go!Well, here we are! Now to go in and sign in.This computer - everyone has a love/hate relationship with it. It is great when it works! It tells you how long you have been in the lab and keeps track of your hours. When it doesn't work . . . what a pain!Come in and have a seat. The lab assistant will be here soon. The music stands are where they put the sentences and word lists we get to practice. The little box at the left of the picture - a heater. This room is ALWAYS cold! Keep your sweater on!

Whew! That is a lot of pictures. I think I will save the trip home for a later blog! I am glad that you could come with me today!


Voice Update: Still missing some words - darn it! More massage! More massage! A little less stress would probably help too! Finals are coming up!


Chris H said...

THAT was awesome and I must do it one day soon! I loved it!

Flea said...

I love the horse sculptures!!!