Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Green Bean Casserole - Deconstructed

Hi All!

No - this is not a cooking blog today even though the title sounds like it. Instead, I would like to share some tidbits I just read in my local paper.

Apparently "deconstructing" traditional foods is all the rage in haute cuisine these days. If you don't know what "deconstructing" is (and I will admit that I was a bit hazy myself), it is basically taking all of the ingredients of a well known dish and preparing them differently but still all together. Understand? It IS a bit confusing at first but maybe this will help you out.

The traditional dish under attack in today's paper was the classic green bean casserole. You know, the one touted by Campbell Soups and French's Fried Onions!
Here are what three top chefs in the Dallas area did with this classic.

First there was Green Bean Tempura, Cream of Mushroom Mousse, and Fried Onion Praline. See - all the ingredients used in different ways but still served together.

Ummm. . . maybe the tempura would be fine but the Cream of Mushroom mousse? Friend Onion Praline? I just don't know. All I keep thinking of is chocolate mouse with mushrooms in it and Texas praline candy with onions in it. Not a very appetizing thought.

Next was the offering of Garden-Fresh Green Beans, Exotic Mushrooms, and Tobacco Onions and Mushroom Custard.

Tobacco Onions? Have I missed something? I will be the first to admit that I miss a lot of "haute" ingredients so this might be something that slipped under my radar. All I know is that it certainly doesn't sound very good to me. Picture onions mixed with tobacco . . . yuck!

Our final entrant in the deconstruction is . . . . .(drum roll, please!) . . . .

Green Bean Salad with Creamy Mushroom Vinaigrette and Crispy Shallots. Okay - this one sounds like something that I might actually try. Maybe. If I was dining at a haute cuisine place. Which will happen when pigs fly!

Well, there you have the "deconstructed" green bean casserole. Personally, I sort of like the classic casserole the way it is! What do you think?

Note: Hubby HATES the green bean casserole so I never have made it. I do tend to take seconds at family dinners when it is present though!

Skor Update: Well, the neutering went well and the little bugger is back home. Last night he wanted to play, play, play. Of course, the vet said to lay of the heavy play until today so . . . Skor wasn't too happy. He kept bringing his toy (wet from its recent bath in the water dish) onto the bed (and usually onto my neck, arm, or other exposed skin) to try to get us to play. Ummmm - Skor? Three in the morning - NOT my best playing time!


Voice Update: Doing well. I just listened to my most recent podcast at and while I think it was pretty good, the beginning was cut off and I HATE the sound of my voice. The pitch is just sort of annoying! Oh well! Speech today - we will see how loose my throat is today!


Mental P Mama said...

I don't like green bean casserole at all. But that salad sounds delish!

imbeingheldhostage said...

I'm with you on MAYBE the last one getting a half-hearted try, The others just sound awful! Really awful.ok, maybe it's because we don't do the original either.
Glad Skor's recouping!

womaninawindow said...

oh, get better Skor.

noble pig said...

I do make a deconstrcuted green bean casserole and I love it even though time consuming.

I'm lost with tobacco onions too, must be a variety?