Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Husband Award Needed!

Hi All!

Just a quick Skor update: Yesterday, Hubby and I were trimming Skor's nails (they were sharp little daggers!) when he squirmed out of his cone. We decided to just leave him out for a bit and see what he would do (he still had on his lovely baby sock!). Surprisingly, he licked himself all over but never touched the sock! Seeing that we decided to leave him coneless over night and in the morning - the sock was still in place. Skor is much happier without the cone and since he is leaving the sock alone . . . we are going with it.

Okay - today's topic.

I hate, hate, hate clothes shopping. Usually. Every once in a while I do get a bug to go and buy something new. This past weekend I just HAD to buy some new shirts. My old shirts are starting to get, well, old. Some even have holes in them from some mysterious source (I know it isn't just me because C and I talked about it one morning and she gets the little holes in her clothes too!). It was really time to start looking for some replacements.

So . . .I convinced Hubby that we needed to go to the Mall. I did this by promising a dinner at the Cheesecake Factory - his favorite restaurant. The fact that they had pumpkin cheesecake wasn't a factor - really! Just because I love that cheesecake and that they have been out of it for two years in a row now when we go to get it . . . . Okay - it was a small factor!

First we stopped at Dick's Sporting Goods. New walking shoes were in order for me since my old ones were beginning to get really big holes in the soles. I found a nice pair and then we ate. The pumpkin cheesecake - to die for!

Then, I conned Hubby into stopping at Lane Bryant with me. I needed some new undies. Well, I ended up dragging him around the entire store looking at all of the new clothes. I even tried some on! By the time we left I had purchased the undies as well as a pair of black jeans and a lovely corduroy coat. In the wrong size.

Now, I knew that the coat was the wrong size and the store had called another mall and had them hold the coat in the correct size for me until the next day. I really like the coat.

The next day Hubby took me to the OTHER mall. This time he waited in the car. I finally found the Lane Bryant and got the coat but, I couldn't just exchange coats and leave. This store had different clothes and I spied some shirts I just had to try. And a dress or two. In an hour I was back out to the car with four new shirts and a new dress as well as the darling coat. I am thrilled with my new clothes!

Hubby just sighed and told me that he knew I hadn't just exchanged the coat - I was in the mall too long. BUT - he didn't complain!

Is there an award for a husband like that?


Voice Update: Still going strong!


Flea said...

Big smooches for a husband like that! Mine makes me go to Lane Bryant. He'll go in with me, look through the clothes, find things he thinks I'll look good in, then wait while I try them on. I think he's afraid I'll escape to Ross and cheap clothes if he doesn't stand guard. Heh. He's right.

Mama Goose said...

There definately SHOULD be an award!! Lucky You!

womaninawindow said...

He's definitely in line for the award. Must have been great cheesecake!

Chris H said...

OH YES I am sure there is an award for Husbands like that! My hubby has a cupboard FULL TO THE TOP with those awards! LOL..... he's one of the best. Glad you got so many lovely new clothes!

noble pig said...

Yes, but I can't mention here what the award is:)

Anonymous said...

He totally deserves an award!