Thursday, November 20, 2008

Do They Do This in YOUR Neck of the Woods?

Hi All!

On my way home from the ASL lab on Monday, I was stopped at a red light when I saw this.

My first thought was . . . is the team named the Geaux Tigers or are they trying to be "cute" when spelling the rather simple word "go?" Then I looked a little closer.
Do you see this tiger? It is really well done! Is it a decal? It certainly looked like the same stuff that the other writing was done with. If that is drawn by hand . . .someone is a really good artist!

Anyway, artwork aside, I wanted to know, do they do this in your neck of the woods? I had never really seen this done (other than for weddings and such) very frequently until I moved to Texas. It seems like here people decorate the windows of cars just for kicks and giggles. Besides sports related themes like the car above, I have seen birthday messages, "congratulations on making the team" messages, "I love you" messages, "hot chick/dude driving" messages, "senior 09" messages, and just plain "studmuffin" messages.

Rarely a day goes by that I don't see a car with something inscribed on the windows passing me on the street. My favorite are the ones that decorate every single window in the car. The front window usually has a big circle of clear space for the driver to see through - sometimes actually outlined - and then a lot of writing on the rest of the window. I think it is a little crazy!

Moving on . . .

Yesterday I worked in Susan's office. Her regular secretary, L, was on vacation for her 30th anniversary! As usual, it was a fun experience. Since I had done my previous stint in the office, I pretty much knew what I was doing. I was there for about six hours and when I finally fought my way through the rush hour traffic to get home - I was TIRED! It was nice to be making a little money though. Now Hubby says I can buy one more thing that I want - since I paid for my new Coach purse by working!

Today I am going to a late lunch with Lori to talk about support group stuff. We are revving up to have regular meetings in 2009. Then it will be off to class. Gee - I am SO looking forward to class. NOT! *sigh* At least this class will mean I am one class closer to being through!

Tonight I have yet another presentation to do. I wonder how many times I will be interrupted this time? I will say that on Tuesday, when I did my story, I wasn't interrupted much. Maybe it is a good sign!

I'll let you know how it went tomorrow!


Voice Update: My neck is tight. Susan told me she thinks it is because my knees still hurt and that makes me tighten up muscles to try to keep them from hurting and because I am not feeling too well. Great! I guess it is continue with the massage and the e's! Last night Hubby joined me for a "rousing chorus" of e's before we went to bed. It is so nice that he is on board with the whole thing. Of course, he was making fun of me but still . . . company in the exercises is nice!


Daryl said...

Good morning and thanks for stopping by my place .. I havent eaten at Brother Jimmy's BBQ because I dont eat meat - only fish and veggies .. but its almost always crowded so how bad can it be?

One of my aunt's had ABSD ...

Anyway, its nice to meet you!


Mental P Mama said...

My daughter's car is always "decorated" thusly. Although we spell go the old-fashioned way up here!

Marguerite said...

Yes. Maybe it's a Southern thing?

Anyway, I know exactly where that picture was taken. I used to live near there. :) I saw a lot of it in Texas and even more now that I'm in Baton Rouge, home of the LSU Tigers. "Geaux" is indeed a cutesy spelling of "go" since a lot of names around south Louisiana have an -eaux at the end.

imbeingheldhostage said...

Good luck on your presentation (may all interrupters remain politely still)!

I miss the car and home "team" decorations. We certainly don't do that over here!!

Chris H said...

I havn't painted my vehicle's windows, but I have put decals on the sides and back! Blue bubbles and the words "Yellow Submarine" ! It's a yellow van!

Flea said...

Growing up in Louisiana, I saw Geaux Tigers everywhere. LSU - Louisiana - French Baton Rouge. It's all good. And yes, football freaks decorate their cars that way here in Oklahoma as well. It's a disease, I think.

noble pig said...

Yep, they do it all over town...for every single game. I think it adds to their madness...LOL!