Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's Tuesday, Test Day!

Hi All!

Sorry this is late being posted but, family will do that to you! My parents came into town yesterday afternoon and I picked them up from the airport.

We went to eat lunch at Cracker Barrel - I have only eaten there one other time so I wanted to try it out. The food was okay but the service was slow. Not a restaurant that I am missing by not going out to eat too often!

After eating we headed to Wal Mart where Dad arranged to rent a car and Mom and I shopped. We bought some food that we needed (cereal to keep the place running in the morning!) and then we hit the rest of the place. We bought fabric for a Thanksgiving tablecloth after going back and forth on just how long we should buy the fabric. That poor woman who was helping us in the fabric section! I think we even ended up confusing ourselves by the end of the whole process! Anyway - we got it and it is going to look nice!

Then it was home and hanging out for a while before dinner at IHOP. Have you been there lately? They have this pancake special on their menu (I have forgotten the name) which has pecans, granola clusters , and butterscotch chips in it. It looked fabulous. It may even have had caramel sauce on it too! Yumm! I didn't have that though - I had an omelet and pumpkin pancakes - yumm, again!

I have mentioned that I have a slight infatuation with pumpkin flavored foods, didn't I? Pumpkin pie, pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin milkshakes, pumpkin blizzards (from Dairy Queen - FANTASTIC, by the way!). Anything is fair game. However, I must admit that I tried pumpkin honey once and it was just plain gross.

This morning my parents got their car from Wal Mart (I drove them!) and headed off to Oklahoma to visit my brother and his family for a few days. When will they be back? I am not actually sure. I think they will be back on Thursday to have a Thanksgiving dinner with Hubby and me. But - plans can change (and they have before)!

Today I am hitting the computer to type a paper for ASL class. I am not putting too much effort into it because the less effort I put in, the more the teacher seems to like the results. Weird, huh? I also looked on the schedule and saw that I have a signing post test tonight. That means that we will get to sit one-on-one with the teacher and she will ask us questions. We will answer in sign language and then she will evaluate us to see if we learned anything this semester. Did I mention that this will be video taped? No? Well, it will and I just LOVE getting video taped! I have a couple reasons to be a bit anxious about the entire situation - the video tape and the fact that I can't sign anything right according to the teacher. Oh well, I am going to get all Zen and remember that I don't care anymore.

I just want the class to be finished for the semester so I can move on!


P.S. Skor has jumped in to sit on top of my CPU and his eyes are even with my mouse. Each time I click he swats my hand with his paw. Isn't it nice he is "helping?"

Voice Update: Darn, darn, double darn! Still missing those darn unvoiced consonants and now it has moved onto the letter "p" which is usually the last to go. Drat, drat, drat! I guess I need to unearth Mr. Timer again and get his help with my exercises. Grrrrr. Not really what I feel like doing at this time. Oh well, I guess you can't choose the timing of these things.


Daryl said...

Ebb and flow ... always take the time to BREATHE ... good luck on your test

And thanks for stopping by .. Bessie spent Monday with me at the office while Fred stayed at home and hung out with Husband and the two cats ..


Mental P Mama said...

You are one busy lady! Take care and have a wonderful holiday. Good luck on your test;)

Flea said...

Your Skor is so cute. :) And you have great pumpkin taste. let me know if you're ever in Tulsa and I'll make you a pumpkin pie or cheesecake from fresh pumpkin. :)

Chris H said...

a - STOP TALKING ABOUT BLOODY FOOD! I am trying to get outta the pantry!

b - YOU LOVE BEING VIDEO TAPED? That is so weird! Don't you get self conscious?

c - how about showing us the video too??