Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Purse (and other stuff, too!)

Hi All!

I just want to say that the purse pictures are FINALLY here! Sorry about the wait. Apparently, the rechargeable batteries I have been using are bad OR the charger is bad OR something! I just couldn't get the darn rechargeables to work so I had to scrounge some "regular" batteries for the camera!

Anyway - here is the purse from the top - I am happy that it zips!

The blue thing you see in the left hand side is my handy-dandy watch. Since I can't wear watches, I keep one on my purse so I know what time it is. Of course, I haven't reset it since the time change . . .

Here is the purse from the back - it has a back pocket - perfect for stuffing receipts and stuff into while on the run (so to speak, I don't plan on running from the law any time soon!).

Here is the purse from the front. The clasp just closed yet another outside pocket. Notice the little feet on the bottom. I like those- they let me think they will help keep the purse bottom a bit cleaner. I know, I know. Just let me keep my illusions for a while longer!
The purse came with a little scarf tied on the handles - I guess that is the style - but, I took it off because it just wasn't MY style! Speaking of handles - these are super. I can put them over my shoulder or on my arm and they work perfectly.
Enough purse drooling!
I have something that I need to apologize for - I am a bad comment returner. Several times people have asked me things in comments and . . . I have totally ignored them! I am SOOOO SORRY! I don't mean to ignore you - I just seem to have a problem with responding to comments.
There was one woman who asked if she could use my podcasts on her website and I never responded. I spent over 30 minutes this morning looking for her comment and it seems to be lost in the blogosphere! I really did want to respond to that woman and to check out her site but . . . .
If you happen to be that woman and you are reading my blog, PLEASE leave me another comment. I promise to respond this time!
Speaking of podcasts - I have posted my 23rd podcast. It has been a long time since my last podcast because I have been struggling with my "two worlds" and trying to decide if I should continue podcasting or not. Thanks to Renee's helpful and positive comments at the SD symposium this weekend, I decided to keep going. That meant that I had to find a new host (podcastspot is closing down!). I am now at Podbean.com (http://l2lwithsd.podbean.com/) and am trying to get all of my old podcasts moved to the new place. New stuff to learn - fun fun!
Yesterday I also signed up for a website with doteasy.com for my sd support group. I haven't gotten my log-on info yet (they have to make sure they can get the money first) but I am looking forward to "playing" with that as well.
I was a very busy girl yesterday!
Oh - Skor update: he is at the vet's again. This time it is for his neuter surgery. I am sure he will LOVE me when he gets back home!
Voice Update: My voice is doing well. I am doing some massage and a little inhalation voicing just for old-times sake!


Mental P Mama said...

Love that purse! Too cute;)

Chris H said...

Oh the purse is adorable! Why cant you wear watches? Skor will be fine!

Coffee Bean said...

OH MY GOSH!!! YOU SOUND AWESOME! That is so cool Trisha! Woot Woot!!!

Oh... I am so hoping getting an injection with the camera will work...

noble pig said...

OMG I love the purse, love it! Perfect color!

Karen said...

I love the purse. I drooled. I admit it.

womaninawindow said...

It's strange to me that your voice is out there too. Floating around and being strong.