Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Workin' Up to a Panic Wednesday

Hi All!

First of all, I should clarify something. When I said that I LOVE being videotaped, it was meant to be literally dripping with sarcasm. Personally, I hate being videotaped but I have learned that it is a part of ASL classes so . . .

Speaking of class, the "test" is over. Now just the final to do (and, I need a story to prepare for the expressive part of the test and just have no clue what to talk about!) and I am free!

A question for you, during the test, the teacher asked each of us which of the other students in our class we felt was "behind." Do you think that is ethical to ask students? I had a real problem with that question and so I turned it into which student I think is the "best." The teacher didn't seem to mind.

Okay - tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I am working up to the panic mode. I should mention that tomorrow's dinner will only be for four (my parents, Hubby and me). The big family meal will be Saturday when my brother and his family (wife and two kids) come down from Oklahoma. My panic is not about tomorrow. I have that under control. It is about Saturday.

Chris H - you may want to stop reading now. I am going to talk about food for a bit. I promise it is only for a couple paragraphs.

I need to go grocery shopping today to pick up all of the stuff I need for dinner tomorrow and Saturday. Then I need to figure out when I am going to make all of the food for dinner tomorrow and Saturday. Is it too early to make pumpkin pie tomorrow for Saturday? What about rolls? And just what in the heck is "stuffing bread?" I am supposed to get some for my stuffing but have no clue! What about twice baked potatoes. How far in advance can I make those things? Should I make the spiced pecans I read about in Oprah's magazine and some cake balls? I know I can do that in advance. I am thinking pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting for the cake balls - do you think that would be a good combo? Covered in Chocolate?

Is it too early to panic?

Okay Chris H - I am done talking about food. I promise!

Today I have a friend and her daughter stopping by before the three of us go out to lunch. This is a friend who I taught with briefly and whose daughter I had in my fifth grade class. They are fabulous people and have stood beside me during my terrible voice days. They are excited to meet Skor. I just hope that he doesn't run away from them when they get here!

When my parents arrived Miss Cleo, normally the scaredy-cat of the pair, came out and got petting right away while Skor ran around the house like a nervous-nelly. Weird! I am happy that Miss Cleo is becoming a bit less anxious but what in the world is up with Skor? When Dad got out the fishing pole toy Skor was his best friend but, once the toy was away, he didn't want to go near Dad!

Cats, what do you do with them (and please don't tell me that you kill them or kick them or any other bad thing! Miss Know-it-all in class has given me enough of that for a lifetime. She even found a shirt in a magazine which said "I like cats. I just can't eat a whole one by myself." Gross!)?


Voice Update: Can you say FRUSTRATING? I am really having issues with h's and p's and other assorted consonants. Interestingly, c's seems to be a problem as well. That is new. I am digging out Mr. Timer and getting to work. I did record a podcast episode inspired by my voice problems though. I hope to get it out today or Friday.


Mental P Mama said...

Cat=boss. Have fun;)

imbeingheldhostage said...

wow, I got anxious over your meal planning!! The key to these things is NOT to try new things under pressure-- go with what works (anything our of Oprah's magazine frightens me-- she PAYS people to make these things). Bread for stuffing is a nice thick dry bread. Make cornbread-- sooooo much easier. Of course you need to let that dry out a little too.
I on the other hand have just declared we're having spaghetti. don't ask.

Happy Tday Trisha, I hope it's a great day with fun company!!

noble pig said...

Seriously you are in panic mode! It's not too early to make pumpkin pie...stuffing bread is the "real bread" you buy to make stuffing...and loaf, just cut into pieces....cake balls in chocolate...I'm in!