Monday, November 17, 2008

A Texan Fall and the Fourth Picture

Hi All!

I have seen so many beautiful pictures of fall foliage on blogs lately that I felt the urge to contribute. I went out and looked at the trees in my yard. Hmmmm. Not exactly the same kind of color as the other photos I have seen.

Well, here it is! Enjoy!

Isn't that a nice brownish color? Yep - that is a Texan Fall!

As I was looking through my pictures trying to figure out just where I had put this "lovely fall shot," I was reminded of a post on Dlyn's blog. She got it from someone else and it looked like fun so . . . I decided to do it. This weekend I got all of my pictures organized into folders so it was easy. Here is the deal.

The object is to go to your 4th photo file, then to your 4th photo inside that file and then post it.

My fourth file is labeled "friends" and this is the fourth picture in the folder. This is my friend B and her darling little boy M. Such a fun picture. The next picture shows M with the Mr. Potato Head glasses he is holding on his face - too funny!

My friend B lives with M and her wonderful husband P in Ohio. I think that is WAY too far away from where I am! I miss talking to her regularly and seeing her. She has another child now, a little girl named Amy whom I have never met! Maybe I will finally get the chance to see her when Hubby and I go to Ohio over the holidays.

If you get the urge, check out your fourth picture file and post the fourth picture in that file. Then let me know what you post so I can check it out. You might also want to let Dlyn know! It is fun!


Voice Update: A bit of a "hitch in my giddy-up" today. More breaks than I would like. I have been a bit "stressed" with my knees so i am sure that has tightened up my throat muscles a bit. I will keep on keepin' on with the massage and hope things get straightened out here in a bit. I am also back on the inhale "e" plan. I do ten single e's, ten double e's, and ten triple e's. That is one "set" and I do about four sets every hour or so. I haven't gotten Mr. Timer out this week so I do the e's every time I think of it.


Asthmagirl said...

I love the fourth picture meme. You never know what you're going to get!

Mental P Mama said...

Great job with the 4 in the 4! Cutie pie! And, I am so loving your Fall. I bet you are not as cold as we are today;)

Flea said...

I love your fall foliage! At least your leaves turn colors. :)