Thursday, November 13, 2008

Naughty Knees

Hi All!

How many "strange" hits do you think my blog will get with that title?

Anyway - my knees are being very naughty! I have had some trouble with my right knee ever since I fell off a chair when I was teaching second grade (NO - it did NOT have wheels - the hallway was just waxed and very slippery!). At that time I managed to pull and strain pretty much every ligament in my knee. Fun, huh? Well, since then my right knee bothers me when it is damp or cold.

Lately, that knee has even been bothering me when it isn't damp and cold. I am especially aware of the problem knee when I have been sitting for a while and then try to get up and walk somewhere. Then I feel the pain and a nice little "hitch in my giddy-up." Not too fun but - it works itself out in a short time and I am fine.

However, for the past two weeks my left knee has felt left out and has begun to hurt as well. It has started to hurt pretty much anytime that I bend it. Bending down to get something off the floor in class on Tuesday just about left me on the floor. Nice! Also, just being attached to my leg is apparently too much for my left knee - it hurts ( a lovely, dull ache) pretty much all the time.

I could deal with that - with some minor complaining to Hubby.

Then - this morning both knees conspired against me! I could hardly get out of bed! Between the left knee hurting like the dickens and the right knee sort of locking up - I had to look like a much, much older person trying to get up! What is going on here?

It is cold here today and it has been damp for the past week or so. I imagine my knees are protesting. I could also lose some weight to help them out. BUT they shouldn't be this bad! I am not even 40 yet!!!

Naughty Knees!


Voice Update: Speech went well. My voice is still on track and very good. My throat was a bit tight but not locked up like it can get. At the end of the session - after some serious massage by Susan - my throat had loosened up quite a bit and talking was much easier. I am still sort of grumpy about talking but it is easier to talk! Maybe I will get on a new podcast today . . . . maybe!


Mental P Mama said...

I have one word for you. Advil. It does help. That is terrible, though. You are too young.

Chris H said...

Perhaps a visit to the doctor would be a good idea!
Imagine how many hits I got with the title "Itchy Tits" !!!

Anonymous said...

So sorry about your knees! Having dealt with mobility issues this summer, I understand that having a leg go wonky can really put a crimp in your lifestyle.

Here's hoping things improve for you... STAT!