Saturday, November 29, 2008

Invasion of the Family!

Hi All!

Today is the invasion of my family. My parents were already here but today my brother and his family (wife and two daughters) came down from Oklahoma for a family "thanksgiving" dinner. Just a few days late.

Right now the girls are playing Wii (they are trying to get a Wii but haven't hit the stores at the right time to find them in stock) and everyone else is watching them. Now my oldest niece is looking at me while I am writing this. Fun, fun!

A bit earlier Hubby and I thought that we had lost Skor. We knew that Miss Cleo had taken up her normal hiding place, under our bed. However, Skor was missing in action. Hubby went looking and even broke out the food to try to lure him out of hiding. Nothing. We started to get a bit concerned so I joined in the hunt. Finally, I looked upstairs where the girls had last seen him. Our entertainment center up there has two drawers on the bottom. Taking a chance, I pulled out one of the drawers and there he was. He was scared to death and shot out of hiding as soon as we saw him. He flew down the stairs and is now with Miss Cleo under the bed.

Thank goodness! Skor is too sweet to lose!

I have taken pictures of our Thanksgiving feast which I plan on posting tomorrow. I will also try to take some pictures of the family to show you.

Until then!


Voice Update: My voice isn't too bad but I still have some breaking going on. Especially when I have to repeat myself. Oh well, the roller coaster ride still goes on.

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noble pig said...

How fun, glad you found the cat.