Friday, November 28, 2008

Stuffed With Stuffing

Hi All!

Chris - I am so sorry but here in America it is almost a LAW that you have to talk about food around Thanksgiving time! I know that you have the willpower to resist and to stay on track!

Well, the first, Thanksgiving dinner at my house with guests is over. This isn't the dinner where my brother and his family came to visit, this one was just my parents, Hubby, and me. However, I did cook a turkey and some of the trimmings which go with a traditional dinner. The most notable for me was . . . the stuffing.

Some people call it dressing. Some people call it stuffing. Some people don't eat it. In my family, it is stuffing. Well, either that or dressing. It depends on the person who you are talking to and sometimes the same person will call the same food both names. We aren't very picky about food terminology in my family.

No matter what it is called - it is good! My stuffing is just like Mom always made. Which is just like HER Mom always made. It is GOOD! It is bread soaked in a mixture of celery, onion, broth, salt, pepper, an egg, and a little water blended in the blender. Then you cover it with foil, bake it, and eat it all up! YUMMY!

After yesterday I am stuffed with stuffing! Not the best feeling in the world but not too bad when you get down to the basics.

The turkey, which was excellent as well, was cooked in the morning, carved, and then put in a crock pot with some broth to steam until we ate. It makes the turkey very tender and keeps it piping hot all day. Of course, Hubby and I had never done this before and didn't realize that the beautiful slices of white meat needed to be on the top, out of the broth so they didn't get so tender that they fell apart. Oh well - now we know for the next time we cook a turkey!

I hope your day was fabulous!


Voice Update: I just posted my newest podcast and my voice sounds a bit breaky on it. However, it think in person, my voice is sounding pretty good.


Chris H said...

You are forgiven. Over here we call it stuffing too... only I put the stuffing inside the turkey! Any left over is then wrapped in tinfoil and baked beside the turkey! I love it too. soooo much! I use bread, onions, herbs, egg,salt and pepper... cooking it inside the turkey inparts turkey taste through it too... damn! Drooling again...

noble pig said...

Okay now I get the whole crockpot turkey thing...I thought you cooked it from the start in there! makes sense now, glad it turned out well.

Mental P Mama said...

Here it is cornbread dressing;)

Anonymous said...

It's totally the right time of year to talk about food! Yours sounds great!