Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Do You Know What This Is?

Hi all!

Today I have a guessing game for you! I have pictures of an object that I see and use every day - let's see how many of you know what it is!

Ready? Here is the first picture.

Do you know? This is the back of the object so if you don't recognize it, don't worry. The next picture has a little more information for you. Here you go . . .

There you go! I am sure you all know by now what this is. What? Not all of you know what it is? Hmmmm. Well, let me show you another picture. I KNOW you will get it with this one.

There! That was easy, right? What's that? A few of you still don't know? Really? To tell you the truth, I had never used one of these before I moved to this house. I don't know of many of my friends who live in this area who use them either. In fact, I don't honestly understand just WHY we use them. They get a bit shabby after a while. Did you notice the remnants of tape on the sides and back? People use this as a neighborhood bulletin board as well as for its designed purpose.

For those of you who are still not sure, the next picture should clear it up for you!

That is right! It is my mailbox! Well, not only mine - it is the mailbox for my part of the street! Hubby and I are box 3. Our neighbors are box 4. Those aren't our addresses, just our mailbox numbers. At the bottom of the group, there are two larger boxes. That is where we get larger parcels. The mailman puts them in and then puts the key to that compartment in our mailbox. We use the key and then leave it in the box lock for the next person. Interesting system, don't you think?

Most of the city where I live uses mailboxes like this. I asked why a long time ago and got some kind of story that if you have individual mailboxes at your house you are considered to live in a "rural" area. I still don't really understand! Oh well!

Maybe this is part of the city's plan to get us out of the house and walking a bit more for our health??? It is a bit of a hike for some people. It is only three houses away for me. A pleasant walk!

Do any of you have mailboxes like this (okay - apartment dwellers - I KNOW you have mailboxes similar to this! I mean house owners!)? Let me know!


Voice Update: I massaged and "e'ed" all the way to and from class last night. I haven't talked enough today to really know but, I am working for Susan today and I will no doubt talk enough to find out how the voice is doing!


Mental P Mama said...

Well it certainly saves time for the postpeople;) I like my rural mailbox here in podunk Connecticut! But I sure could walk more....

Chris H said...

Wow! I had no idea you had such a weird mailbox system! Over here everyone has their own mailbox on their own property.. you must have seen mine! lol

Karen said...

Oh, the memories that brought back. I totally recognized it at the first picture. We had a mailbox like that in Alaska, our very first home.