Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mellow Pictures for a Mellow Mood

Hi All!

My morning swim, walk, and watering routine has left me feeling mellow. Happy and a bit tired (you know that feeling after you have been swimming) and just . . . . mellow.

To honor that feeling I decided to share some "mellow" pictures with you. I took these during the last "Spelunk" that Hubby and I undertook.

Weren't those mellow? I hope I keep this feeling for a while!
Have a super week!
Voice Update: I was a bad girl and didn't do my reading this weekend. On Saturday, I figured that I talked enough with my friend Donna on the way to and from the musical that I didn't need to read. On Sunday and Monday . . . I was just plain lazy. My voice is doing okay - nothing stellar but pretty darn good for someone with SD!


Mental P Mama said...

Very mellow. And your confession works fine for me. You weren't that bad....

Chris H said...

they are lovely photos!