Friday, June 25, 2010

An Adventure for Goat Food

Hi All!

While in Ohio, Hubby and I traveled down to the family farm - about an hour and a half from my parents' house. We met my parents there and saw my uncle (who lives at the farm). However, before we left to head to the farm, my parents asked if we could stop in the small town of Baltic, Ohio to pick up the "good" goat feed. Five bags of feed and a salt block.

Well, we were happy to do so. We wound our way down the country roads and found the Gerber Feed Mill in Baltic. We had a good time talking first to the woman in the office who took our order and our money and then with the Amish man who loaded the feed into our rental car trunk. There is just something about small town America which can't be described in words. . . .

Anyway, we hauled the goat food home (after a stop at the cheese shop I talked about yesterday) and when we got to the farm . . .

We got to see the goats!

Mom was shelling corn for them and they were crowding around the feed boxes. They are cute, aren't they?

This little one had a tick on him/her (I am not sure if it is a boy or girl . . .).

So Dad had to take care of that.

The goats have a rock pile in their pen and they like to play "King of the Hill."
Do you see how this goat's ears turn up on the end? Isn't that cute?
We had fun watching the goats and then I took a nice, fast ride on the four wheeler. Hubby, who had never ridden a four wheeler (ATV) actually rode it from the lake up to the house - which wasn't that far but still - it was a good step for Hubby!
The farm is such fun!
In other news - I walked and swam again today. It is a little cooler today since it is supposed to rain this afternoon. It rained a bit yesterday afternoon but not too much. We did have some impressive thunder and lightening though. The thunder actually woke me up from my nap!
Well, I suppose I have procrastinated enough. I need to get to the grocery store before it rains (Hubby washed my car yesterday so it will look nice if we head out to look for cars this weekend!).
Ta ta for now!
Voice Update: Still doing really well. Yesterday I actually remembered to read - with a little help from Hubby. It helps to get back into the routine of things since it makes remembering to read easier. Now I am in the middle of the book of Job.

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Mental P Mama said...

I want a goat! They are so dang cute;)