Monday, June 28, 2010

The Rash

Hi All!

I have held off doing this so I didn't gross too many people out but . . . I need some help. Before I left for Ohio I had a patch of dry ickiness on the right side of my neck which was bothering me. I get these once in a while and moisturize the heck out of them to no avail. Then I got another problem. . . a rash!

I got this after sitting out on the porch at my in-laws reading. I was primarily in the shade but there was some sun hitting me on the left side so I initially thought this was sun poisoning (the sun and I are NOT friends!) but then . . . it spread!

This is what it looked like on Friday. It isn't the easiest to see but it is little red bumps and it itches like crazy!
Here are my theories so far:
1) Sun poisoning. Pros: I got it after sitting in the sun. My past sun poisoning episodes always had little red, itchy bumps. The sun and I are not friends. Cons: Only the left side of my neck was in the sun and this has spread to both sides now. It has SPREAD! Sun poisoning doesn't spread (in my experience). Normally, sun poisoning goes away in less than a week and it has been a week and a day so far.
2) Some mystery rash picked up from the pool. Pros: I swim daily so . . .it is possible. Other people swim and they might have something which gets in the water and then gets on me. Cons: I didn't get the rash until I had been in Ohio for at least five days. I didn't get the rash anywhere else on my body - which you would think I would since my entire body is in the water.
3) Poison Ivy. Pros: It is itchy and it spreads (maybe from scratching??) Cons: I have never had poison ivy before. The little bumps are fluid filled. I don't think I have been in contact with poison ivy and, if I had been, how would it have gotten smeared on my chest and not my arms or legs?
4) Hubby is slowly poisoning me. Pros: Can there really be any for this? Cons: pretty much everything!
5) Aliens are testing some new virus on me. Pros and Cons: I am not even bothering with this one!!
So - what do YOU think? I am under strict orders by Hubby to call the doctor and make an appointment but . . . this morning the left side of my neck seems to be clearing up . . . I am not sure if I should make the appointment or not . . .
Oh - the original dry patch is gone except for one red splotch. That whole area is now covered with the "new" red bumps.
In other news, my neighbors' peach trees are being very generous with their fruit this year and I am planning on trying to make peach freezer jam - for the first time ever! My Aunt Donna makes WONDERFUL strawberry freezer jam but I have never made that and I have never had freezer jam made from peaches.
Before attempting this plan I will be heading to Wally World to get supplies. And I might browse around a bit if they are FINALLY done rearranging things.
Tomorrow I will have to let you know how the jam making turned out. Keep your fingers crossed for a good outcome!
Voice Update: Doing very well. I talked to Mom and Dad last night instead of reading - mostly because the whole rash thing was depressing me and talking to the parents always helps! I haven't been doing the massage like I should be. I am thinking of putting post-its around the house to remind me.

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the Provident Woman said...

Well, if it was your hubby poisoning you, he wouldn't be telling you to go to the doctor. I say give it another day. Either it will get better or not, if not go to the doctor.