Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Fatigue

Hi All!

Happy Friday! The week is finally winding its way down! Not that it was a bad week or anything. It just always feels good to be Friday - I am not sure why. Maybe it is a hold over from when I was in school and/or working.

Anyway. Today I woke up feeling odd. A bit tired and a bit headachey. Not a real, banging headache which will turn into a migraine but something weird was going on. Once I got up and moving the head thing basically went away but I felt incredibly tired. Now, I did sleep well (I think) and Skor didn't start to bother me this morning until around 6:00 so . . . I am not sure why I feel so tired.

I did get Hubby's lunch made and I did get myself out to walk/swim. The walk to the pool wasn't too bad but once I got swimming, I found that my legs and arms were TIRED! Through pure grit I managed to do all 23 laps and the exercises I do in the pool but . . . it took a lot of grit and determination because just floating sounded (in my head) like a much better alternative!

The walk home was difficult because my legs just didn't want to participate! I did get home and now I am sitting here thinking of my day and wanting to just take a long nap!

Hopefully I will get motivated enough to skip the nap and do what I need to do!



Voice Update: I am BAD, BAD, BAD! Yesterday I didn't do anything in terms of voice exercises or oral reading!!! I don't know what happened - I just sort of slipped through the day and didn't end up doing any. Not good! Today I will have to be motivated in this area, at least!


Mental P Mama said...

This Friday lethargy is an epidemic! Have a wonderful weekend;)

Chris H said...

I wonder why that happened? Maybe you have been overdoing it?
Hopefully you are having a relaxing weekend and feel better now.