Monday, May 31, 2010

Memory Day

Hi All!

Today is "officially" Memorial Day. However, in my mind, it is more aptly named "Memory Day." Today is the day that Americans everywhere need to stop what they are doing for a few minutes to remember.

To remember those who fought wars to make America what it is and to keep it what it is.

To remember those who lost their lives protecting our way of life.

To remember those who were wounded and forever changed as they protected out way of life.

To remember whose who stood behind the warriors fighting for us. The families.

To remember what the United States of America was founded for. Freedom.

To remember those who continue to fight for that freedom.

Take a minutes now and just think about soldiers.

Think about them and thank them from the bottom of your heart.

It isn't about if you agree with the politics of war. It isn't if you think a war is "right" or "wrong." It is about remembering that there are brave men and women who stand for our country and fight so that the rest of us, so many of us, don't have to.