Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday - What a Day!

Hi All!

This will be short and sweet - so to speak - because I am dealing with a "headache hangover." Yesterday I developed another migraine (what is going on with these things lately???) and took meds which allowed me to be almost human during the evening. However, the medicine also makes me feel "hungover" the next day - today!

Unfortunately, that meant that when I woke up this morning to go walking and swimming, I could barely move my head. So - it was back to bed for a while. I think a swim would have felt good but the effort of actually getting there just seemed too much this morning!

In fact, I doubt if I would have made it out of bed if it weren't for Skor's dogged determination that I get up to watch him devour his kibble. What a "good" kitty he is!

Since I don't have anything major on my schedule today I am hoping to get back to sleep to vanquish this horrible "hangover" feeling.

I hope your weekend gets off to a better start than mine has - I just spotted Bunny munching on my Cone Flowers!


Voice Update: I didn't read yesterday because I could barely move - let alone read. I should have speech on Monday but, I didn't get a call reminding me about the appointment so I am doubting that it is really going to happen. I guess I will have to call before I leave the house to make sure I really do have an appointment. It has been more than a month since I have seen Susan and I am a bit concerned about the "crunchiness" of my neck. But - I guess that is the way the old ball bounces, right?


Chris H said...

I hope you are feeling better now mate.

Diane said...

Ugg, the headaches are bad enough, but that hungover feeling. I hope you feel better soon!