Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Upcoming Week.

Hi All!

It is a lovely morning in my neck of the woods! It rained (one inch) during the night and everything is moist and wonderful (Okay, so the humidity is at 80% - you have to take the bad with the good, right??). The birds are singing as they flit from tree to tree enjoying the overcast skies (normally the skies are sunny and hot by this time of the day). gh
I was swimming (the back stroke) when I saw one of these beauties fly by.

It was my first Oriole sighting (this picture wasn't taken by me it is from Wikapedia) and it was beautiful!
I also sighted two hawks during my morning walk to the pool - a Sharp-shinned Hawk and a Cooper's Hawk ( they look very similar except for the size).
What a great start to my day!
Now, I need to warn you that I might miss a post here and there over the next seven days. Hubby and I have some big plans and I might be away from the computer for a while so . . . forgive any post less days!

I hope your upcoming week is full of excitement too!


Voice Update: Doing well. Doing well. I am trying to really get in some more massage since that was the area where I needed the most work according to Susan. I am also making sure that I get that all important talking/oral reading in. There are some days when I feel the need to talk to someone so I call up Mom or another friend and spend an hour or so chatting to get that voice exercise in!


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

You're so lucky to have orioles! The only ones I've seen were from a baseball stadium many moons ago.

Enjoy your trip away, hopefully it will be to someplace exotic--or at least where you don't have to do any work and someone waits on you hand and foot.

Safe travels.

Mental P Mama said...

Have a wonderful week! And keep the bird sightings coming;)

Chris H said...

Well, when you are not posting, I hope you are having FUN!