Thursday, June 24, 2010

Holy Cow!

Hi All!

Did you know that June is Dairy Month? No? Well, now you do so go out there and thank a cow - oops - I mean a dairy farmer!

This lovely little lady was in the cheese plant store that Hubby and I stopped at for cheese. Realistic, don't you think? Well, except for the signs on her side.

You could actually milk the cow but only water came out . . . not a very realistic experience!
Hubby and I had to have a picture with the little lady to prove that we do support dairy farmers and the dairy industry!

After stocking up on cheese and trail bologna Hubby and I headed to my parents' farm for a visit. There will be more about that tomorrow!

Good news today! I called the Home Owners' Association yesterday and today my key to the pool works! YEAH!!!! So - I got in my walk AND my 23 laps this morning. My neighbor went with me. The only complaint (other than the fact that it was 80 when I woke up which made for a very hot walk!) was that the water was just a bit too warm for exercising in. It was closer to tepid than refreshing.


I guess you can't have EVERYTHING, can you?

My neighbor and I peeled and sliced a zillion (don't you love that exact number) of peaches from her peach tree yesterday. She has a ton (again - so exact!) more but I don't know that I will help her with all of them. It was fun to work and chat together and it made the work go much faster. When we were done we had lemonade and watched "Deal or No Deal."

What an exciting life I lead!


Voice Update: Well, I totally forgot to read yesterday. I blame vacation - I didn't have to read because I yakked so much! At least I did talk to my neighbor while we peeled and sliced peaches so that might count . . . hopefully! My voice is doing really well. Only those few sounds still trip me up once in a while (plus "two" which I am considering replacing with either the Spanish or German word for the number because I can say THOSE!).


Mental P Mama said...

That cow is cute. Can cows be cute?

Chris H said...

There is nothing worse than a warm pool on a stinkin hot day!
Cute 'cow'.